Jeff Walters Makes Search Predictions for 2010

Jeff Walters Makes Search Predictions for 2010

Jeff Walters is the co-founder of two leading marketing companies, Targetbase and Clicksquared. He is also an investor, Catalyst and consultant at Strategy Outfitters, a company known for building brands through business analysis, marketing strategy, and marketing technologies. Jeff’s specialties include marketing strategy development, interactive relationship marketing, and measuring brand communication ROI.

Jeff has an abundance of expertise in marketing, having worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Marriott, HP, Jack Daniels, and several others. He’s lectured at several venues, and is considered a well thought of expert in the field of internet marketing. We’re honored to have Jeff share with our readers his opinions about the future of internet marketing in 2010.

In the video below Arnie asks Jeff: 
1.) What are your predictions for the internet marketing industry in general for the year ahead? 
2.) How about specifically integrated interactive marketing, where do you see that headed? 
3.) What one critical issue should those in the internet marketing space be concerned about or focused on in 2010?

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How are you getting your business prepared for customers to become brand ambassadors, which Jeff highlights as important for 2010?

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