Insider Access to the New Vertical Measures Office

Insider Access to the New Vertical Measures Office

Welcome to the new Vertical Measures!

As of July 5th, we officially moved into our new office. It wasn’t much of a move though. It was only .4 miles away from our old space. But what we saved in distance, we gain in designing and making an office truly our own.

Our last location fit the bill for a small, up-and-coming company. Originally, Vertical Measures started on the second floor of an office building with three employees. Soon after that, we moved down to the bottom floor and expanded to seven employees. Three renovations and nearly 40 employees later, we knew it was time to fly the coop.

New Office

We currently sit on the third floor of the Southwest side of Stonecreek Pointe, formerly known as Anasazi Plaza II. Our space grew from 5,500 sq. ft. at the old office to nearly 10,000 sq. ft.! Currently VM has 45 employees but the office is built to expand to 75 as we continue to grow.

Stand Up Meeting

At our new office, we wanted to create a more Vertical Measure-y feel. What does that mean, you ask? Well, the goal was to have the employees walk in and know right away that this was their home away from home. We filled the office with everyday furniture so we didn’t end up looking like just your typical office. We wanted everything to provide comfort but also allow for collaboration – and look great too.

Horseshoe Bend

Don’t let me tell you; come along with us for a quick tour…


“Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression – with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing.” – Natalie Massenet

VM Baldies

When we designed the front area, we wanted to make a great first impression with anyone who walked in, whether that be a client, a potential new employee, or the Jimmy John’s delivery guy.

The hanging lamps, beautiful color scheme and an amazing VM logo above those cue balls make for an incredible sight. We dare you to walk in here and try to not be impressed.

On a side note, we do hire employees who have full heads of hair. Don’t you worry!

Kitchen/Break Room


Upgrading our kitchen was one of the biggest goals. At the old office, the refrigerator was starting to become packed full of food and lunch time was proving to be quite the chore when it came to maneuvering through the masses. It was the embodiment of the phrase “two butt kitchen.”

This isn’t the case at all in our new office. The kitchen now features two refrigerators, a giant island with seating, a floating bar and four tables to enjoy your lunch at. It’s more like a twenty butt kitchen now.

In addition to the kitchen, our Family Room (aka the break room) is attached and features two beautiful couches and TV for those times when you need to kick back, relax and catch an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger during your lunch break.


That combined area also serves another, more important purpose. The first Wednesday of every month, we gather for our company meeting where we discuss the current state of the company, any big changes coming our way and we hand out the monthly awards and prizes!

Company Meeting

It doesn’t hurt that we have an amazing view of the Stonecreek Golf Course and the Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve. Both of which can be viewed on one of our two patios.

Patio #2Patio #1

How about that view!

Golf Course

New Desks

New Desks

When we were planning the move, we knew we wanted to be forward thinking – and health conscious too! That meant we couldn’t just go back to a run-of-the-mill desk. That’s when we turned to MultiTable. MultiTable is a “leading manufacturer of height adjustable standing desks and tables for the office and home office. [They] combine the incredible health benefits of standing periodically while working with the customization and style of creating your own work space. [Their] ergonomic adjustable height standing desks come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles.”

Basically, that means we all got these awesome automatic height-adjustable desks. We can go from sitting to standing position with a simple push of a button.

Multi Table Desk

Pretty nifty, huh?

Meeting Rooms

In our last office, we really only had 3 meeting rooms. With as many employees and clients as we have, it was tough to find a meeting space. The word “sardines” was tossed around a few times when you made it into a room.

Large Conference Room

That’s no longer an issue. We can book up to eight different rooms, ranging from the Large and Small Conference Rooms, anyone of our Arizona landmark-themed rooms (Camelback, Four Peaks, Havasupai, Papago and Grand Canyon) and our Shea Library.

Small Conference Room

The Shea Library holds a special place in some of the older employee’s hearts. We wanted to keep some part of our history with us so we named our Library after the road we used to be located on (Shea Blvd.).

Paired with their awesome names, all the meeting rooms are equipped with white board walls, TVs with wireless displays and creative accent wall decals, like the one seen below:

Vertical Measures office

Video Room

The old office did have a video room in it. However, it was small, shared space with the break room and had a super noisy air vent right above it.

We made sure our graphic designers didn’t have those problems at the new office. First of all, they have their own room to produce amazing videos – like this one – which features a full wall green screen, state-of-the-art recording devices, lighting and sound equipment.

Video Room

Where We Go From Here

Vertical Measures has been around for nearly 11 years and has been evolving and growing little by little ever since. We are extremely happy to be moving into the new location but this doesn’t mean we are going to change our values or our quality of work. We see this as a stepping stone to bigger and better things in the content marketing industry and will help us stay true to our eight core values:

  • Humble
  • Helpful
  • Do The Right Thing
  • Sense Of Humor
  • Improve Each Day
  • In It Together
  • Embrace Change
  • Insightful
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