How Vertical Measures Promotes a Positive Team Culture with Perks and Recreation

How Vertical Measures Promotes a Positive Team Culture with Perks and Recreation

Extensive research suggests that having the right company culture is important to employee happiness and improves productivity.

At Vertical Measures, we’re lucky to have a leadership team that strives to provide the best environment possible. In fact, our company was even named a finalist in The Phoenix Business Journal’s The Valley’s Best Places to Work for 2017!

But, as we know, company culture is not a one-size-fits-all deal. What works well for a financial firm on Wall Street, may not be right for a construction company here in the Valley. It’s all about the company’s mission, vision and values. You may be familiar with our company values and you’ve likely seen our office and work spaces, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Today, we’re giving an inside look at the company culture at Vertical Measures and the team of people who work behind the scenes to help make it all happen.

Perks and Recreation Committee: A Brief History

Around five years ago, a small group of VMers formed a committee for various non-work-related office activities. At the time, I was the office administrator, but was eager to become more involved with the rest of the company and jumped in feet first. We adopted the name Party Planning Committee from the popular TV sitcom, the Office, which we commonly referred to as the PPC.


Then in late 2013, Vertical Measures acquired SitePro PPC, a paid search marketing company. VM finally had a real PPC team. And by the end of 2015, we decided it was time for our party planning committee to get a new acronym (we love acronyms). We wanted a name that better described the purpose of the group, after all, we didn’t just plan parties.

We got the whole company involved in choosing a new name by asking for suggestions, taking a vote, and then awarding a prize for the winning suggestion. It was a close race against the other top finalist, Boredom Prevention Squad, but the Perks and Recreation Committee landed the win.

The PRC was officially born.

So, what is the PRC and what does it do?

In any type of work environment, there are bound to be stressful days. That’s just life. So, to combat the day-to-day grind that is life, our committee is dedicated to making the workplace fun and enjoyable so that when those stressful moments happen, they’re no match for the overall culture and support our team offers. The PRC’s primary goal has always been keeping morale up and ensuring VM lives up to its reputation great place to work.


The committee is made up of volunteers. Everyone in the company is welcomed and encouraged to join. Some committee members join all meetings, some join a few, and others only jump in to help with a specific event each year that they enjoy putting together. It’s a fun and relaxed group that loves making work a rewarding place for everyone!


Most of the time, we schedule the activities in the office during the work day, although we do have offsite things from time to time as well. The frequency of activities and events over the years has fluctuated the most. When we first started, we would have 2-4 things per month. As we began collecting feedback, we discovered that for our company, fewer, larger events were better than smaller, more frequent ones.


During our planning meetings, we bounce ideas around, discuss feedback from past events, and designate people to oversee the planning and organization of the activity. For larger gatherings, there will usually be 2-3 people facilitating. We also have a set monthly budget that we can use for supplies and prizes etc.


The PRC plans a variety of things including potlucks and happy hours, themed days, community involvement events, team building activities, and general office shenanigans like video game tournaments, Easter egg hunts, and paper airplane contests.

Over the years, the Perks and Recreation Committee has evolved and is now more focused and strategic about the activities and events that are planned. Interests are gauged regularly, and feedback is encouraged to make sure that the people are getting what they want (within reason, of course).


What is the PRC doing this year?

For 2018, we wanted to focus largely on health, team building and community involvement. So far this year, we started:

  • #FitnessFridays (with an in-office Yoga class on the last Friday of each month)
  • Held our company’s annual family picnic
  • Taken a weekend hike
  • Made Valentine’s Day cards for Phoenix Children’s Hospital and a local senior center
  • Hosted an in-office St. Patrick’s Day happy hour with trivia

We are planning even more amazing things for 2018 and will be sure to share the pictures on Facebook and Instagram, but in the meantime, have a look below at some our best times over the years!

Thank You, PRC. From the Vertical Measures Team


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