DoFollow Tuesday Update

DoFollow Tuesday Update

Believe it or not we have covered almost 20 Vertical Markets in our DoFollow Tuesday features.  Everything from Real Estate to Jewelry to Law Firms.   Our team spent the last couple days looking at the popularity of various articles and posts we have added over the past year or so, and discovered that most of the interaction occurs on our general topics.  This is not a big surprise as our vertical market posts only reach a niche audience — as they are supposed to.

However, we decided to return to our old format of general topics for a broader audience letting you apply the tips and techniques to your own specific markets.  Don’t worry, we do plan to offer solid link building advice for vertical markets once in a while, but it will no longer be on an “every Tuesday” basis.

Stay tuned as we get ready to roll out a whole series of informative posts covering ever thing from social media for link building, Google smackdowns, link building strategies and more   You will even see some guest posts from industry experts such as Dave Wallace, Chris Lang and Brian Offenberger.

One final note: we are link builders, we generally share the link love, but we are going to be a little more strict on the comment approvals in the future.  Only valuable comments will be approved from this day forward.   See this write up for some great blog commenting guidelines.

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