6 Spooky Testimonials from Our Vertical Monsters

6 Spooky Testimonials from Our Vertical Monsters

In 2017, the Vertical Measures team focused on providing the best results to our clients, no matter how ghoulish or scary they were. To show their gratitude, six spooky clients were just dying to provide testimonials explaining how VM turned their digital marketing campaigns around. Take a look at how they went from websites full of spider webs and skeletons to a full-on monster mash.

   Tom B. Dweller, Owner of Wrap It Up

   Frank N. Stine, Owner of Franky’s Big & Tall Clothing Store

Broomhilda Kearse, Owner of Spells-N-Things

“I recently published my book of spells and created a website so that fellow Wiccans could access exclusive spells found in my online grimoire. Once the site was launched, I received feedback that it was poorly designed, unorganized, and did not appear to be a reliable resource. The spells were not easy to find on the site and once they were finally found, it was hard to know what the spell would do.


In addition, there weren’t any leads signing up for my spell creation classes. This was a huge disappointment, as I thought the site would encourage witches to learn more about spells. It wasn’t until I started using Google Analytics to see that while people were coming to the site, they were not staying or returning. I attempted to cast a few spells on my cursed site but nothing seemed to do the trick. I also wondered how my biggest competitor had such an astounding following – with their only content being a spell to put the toilet seat down. Knowing something had to be done, I sought help.

Fortunately for me, I came across Vertical Measures.

.@VerticalMeasure convinced me that I needed to put aside magical arts if I wanted to fix my #SEO problems. Click To Tweet

After doing an audit of my site, they pinpointed a handful of ways that could improve my leads and sales. As much as I wanted to resist, they convinced me that I would have to put aside magical arts if I wanted to fix the problem. Instead, they said I could solve my issues through a thoroughly developed content marketing strategy.

Within a year, our content marketing efforts were seeing an increased amount of organic traffic, leads, and my classes were full of eager students.”


Kevin Acula, Owner of Stakes-R-Us

“Hey, I’m Kevin Acula and I came to Vertical Measures after my online business, Stakes-R-Us, wasn’t seeing any traffic coming from my blog.

After a year of posting 2-3 times per week, I was about to give up and join the family blood bank business.

.@VerticalMeasure walked me through their process and gave me some great #marketing ideas I can really sink my teeth into. Click To Tweet

But fortune favored me, and I happened to see Arnie Kuenn speak at a content marketing conference in Transylvania. He talked about optimizing content so Google can crawl your blog and help you rank higher in the SERPs. When I went back and looked at my blog, I realized that I wasn’t using H-tags and no one was searching for the titles of my posts.

I gave VM a call and they walked me through their process and gave me some great ideas I can really sink my teeth into. Best of all, I now rank first when people search ‘wooden stakes’ in Google.”


Paula T. Geist, VP of Apparition Consulting Services

“Hi, my name is Paula T. Geist and I’ve been a Vertical Measures client for 3 years. My consulting business, Apparition Consulting Services, has been around since 1704. We work to preserve the art of haunting for future generations–you know, the classics like creaky self-opening doors, creepy footsteps in the night, and all of that spine-chilling fun stuff.


I was haunting a conference center when I heard Arnie Kuenn speak about content marketing – I was struggling at the time with visibility in search results – it was as if my site was totally invisible to Google.

I’m happy to say that VM helped me to create and publish content about my industry consistently, which has doubled my organic website traffic. We’ve had clients tell us that they’re dying to get our newsletter every week and see what we’ve created next.  Thank you Vertical Measures!”


Ben Howling, Owner of Midnight Snack Attack

“At my franchise of restaurants we cater to a unique late night dining experience, we’re only open from dusk to dawn, during a full moon. Our midnight special is a delicious raw steak on the bone – our customer’s love it! The only problem is we serve a very niche group of diners.

Since @VerticalMeasure started working on my #GoogleAdwords, I've seen my business growl... I mean grow. Click To Tweet

My last paid media agency just didn’t understand the advanced targeting needed to reach such segment. But, since Vertical Measures started working on my Google Adwords and paid social efforts I’ve seen my business growl… I mean grow.


Want to See More Testimonials?

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