10 Major Players in Internet Marketing Offer Their Thoughts

10 Major Players in Internet Marketing Offer Their Thoughts

Here at Vertical Measures and on the SEO & Link Building Best Practices Blog we’ve had the opportunity to sit down with 10 major players in the internet marketing field to discuss their predictions for 2010. What is ahead for 2010 search? What is an issue we should all be concerned about or focused on in 2010? These questions and more will be answered!

Starting on January 4th, and running for ten business days, we’ll share with you our video interviews with these experts. Learn from the key players in the industry what they think is to come in 2010. We had a lot of fun filming the videos, below you’ll find a few photos from the shoot. Besides those listed in the photos below we’ll feature interviews with: Joe Griffin, Greg Head, Jeffery Walters, Matt Siltala, Jeramie McPeek, and Rand Fishkin. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to be notified each day our expert interviews go live. Don’t miss out on “2010 Predictions From 10 Internet Experts” (link will go live January 4th).


Left to Right: Jeffrey Pruitt, and Tony Mandarich


Left to Right: Arnie Kuenn, and Fred von Graf


From Left to Right: Eli S. (Vertical Measures Employee) and David Wallace


GreenScreenFX interview setup

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