The Google Hummingbird Update: An Expert Overview

The Google Hummingbird Update: An Expert Overview

The Google Hummingbird Update: An Expert Overview

Google has been rolling out many different algorithms lately, the latest being the Hummingbird Update. Hummingbird could even be considered to be less of an algorithmic “update,” and more of a total change in how Google parses information. In last month’s Google Hangout, Arnie Kuenn interviewed two experts in search engine optimization. All three discussed what they have found so far and how to take advantage of the changes brought upon by Hummingbird as we inch closer to the new year.

What is the Google Hummingbird Update

Eric Enge describes what the Hummingbird update is. He chats about the perception of the update vs. the reality that he has found thus far.

Jenny Halasz’s take on the Hummingbird Update

Jenny Halasz describes what she sees in the update and how she anticipates the future evolution of the Hummingbird Update. She gives insight on how the algorithm works by breaking a search into a subject, predicate and an object.

Arnie Kuenn on what content to create

Arnie Kuenn talks about what type of content to create based on the new Google update. The key is to create useful content that users will benefit from and share. Also, remember to create content that people are actually searching for. Websites are no longer brochures for tons of information about your business. The content on your website is meant for and should be created with your users in mind, first and foremost.

How social will impact search

Eric speaks to the continued integration of social metrics into search results. He speaks to the difficulty of ranking different social metrics and weighing them against each other. He also addresses specifically the correlation between Google+ postings and higher rankings, mentioning that his previously published report on the topic does not show any major changes in ranking metrics when links are shared on Google+.

Optimization Techniques

The message is don’t let SEO run your site. Create a user-centric experience and it will shine. Google is trying to serve the best site possible, so make yours one of the best. Don’t pay attention to the minor details that aren’t serving the larger purpose.


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