SEO Celebrity Look-Alikes

SEO Celebrity Look-Alikes

The world of Internet Marketing is full of celebrities. From Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz, to Mashable’s Pete Cashmore, our industry boasts some pretty popular folks. We thought it would be fun to match up these celebs with their Hollywood celebrity look-alikes. You be the judge: who is the best pairing below? (poll at the bottom)

Matt Cutts a.k.a. Rick Moranis


Matt Cutts is considered the human face of Google.  It’s the perfect setup for a good joke, but we’ll  leave it at that as we prefer to stay on Matt’s good side at all costs. We will say, however, that Matt bears quite a resemblance to the iconic ‘80s movie star Rick Moranis, who starred in films such as Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Cutts to star in Honey I Dropped Your Rankings….?

Rand Fishkin a.k.a. Matthew Broderick


Known affectionately as “The Wizard of Moz”, Rand Fishkin might well have been separated at birth from a young Matthew Broderick. As the founder of SEOMoz, this yellow-Puma-wearing SEO-er travels around the world sharing his knowledge with fellow search marketers at conferences from Seattle (his hometown) to London, and unlike Ferris Bueller, Rand never takes a day off….

Chris Brogan a.k.a. Seth Rogen


The ever so talented Chris Brogan is quite unique on his own, but might just be mistaken for an actor who even bears a similar last name: Seth Rogen. As a bestselling author, social media maven, and all around expert in the search world, Chris has been featured in the WSJ, US News & World Report, and Newsweek. We have no punchline, so we’ll end on this Brogan-Rogen slogan.

Joanna Lord a.k.a. Emmanuelle Chriqui


Social media and search engine expert Joanna Lord certainly looks like she should grace the covers of magazines, or have an Entourage of her own. With her job based in L.A., the dark haired beauty could easily be mistaken for Emmanuelle Chriqui who also lives in L.A. and plays Sloan on the hit HBO show Entourage.

Pete Cashmore a.k.a. Brad Pitt


The pretty boy of social media, Pete Cashmore, could only be paired with the two time winner of People’s Sexiest Man Alive award, Brad Pitt. Pete Cashmore is the founder and CEO of, a Technorati Top 10 blog about all things in the online world, and was chosen by Forbes magazine as one of the Top 25 Web Celebs. While Brad Pitt’s success came later in life when he turned 30, Pete Cashmore started Mashable at the impressive young age of 19.

Lee Odden a.k.a. Garth Brooks


As the best-selling solo album artist in the US, Garth Brooks certainly has achieved success in his field. So has his look-a-like Lee Odden, from Top Rank Online Marketing. In the SEO world Lee has taken the industry by storm with his guest blogging, speaking engagements, book contributions, and participation with industry associations like MIMA and SEMPO. He may have friends in low places, but not with low rankings.

Joe Pulizzi a.k.a. Andre Agassi


Joe Pulizzi, the content marketing evangelist and force behind Junta42 and the book ‘Get Content Get Customers’ bears an uncanny resemblance to the ‘90s tennis powerhouse and ‘Career Golden Slam’ winner Andre Agassi. As well as being a successful author and entrepreneur, Joe is also an accomplished speaker who travels around North America and making quite a racket in the SEO world.

Anne Kennedy a.k.a. Kathy Bates


Not only is Anne Kennedy a search marketing maven, she also could be award winning actress Kathy Bates younger sister. Don’t expect Kennedy to give you Misery, with more than thirty-five years of experience in marketing and PR, she is an industry thought leader and sought after speaker.

Chris Winfield a.k.a. Andy Garcia


From the expressive nature of Chris Winfield’s personality- to his hairstyle, the similarities are aplenty when compared to his doppelganger Andy Garcia. Having recently formed the Internet Marketing agency BlueGlass, Chris continues to provide clients with overall marketing strategies in the world of search and social. Did we mention the hair? It’s fist-pumping good.

Aaron Wall a.k.a. Tim McGraw


The California based founder of leading resource and information trove made us do a double take. Put a cowboy hat on him, give him a goatee and Aaron Wall would look just like Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, and actor Tim McGraw. You know what happens when you play a country song backwards? You get your rank back, you get your links back, you get your pagerank back….

Arnie Kuenn a.k.a. Dr. Evil


He may look like Dr. Evil, well except he’s missing a Mini-Me sidekick and isn’t stroking a cat named Mr. Bigglesworth, but he’s far from eeeevil. President and founder of Internet Marketing company Vertical Measures, speaker at Pubcon, SMX Advanced, AMA Phoenix, OMS, and more. At this rate he may just take over the SEO world….his only demand? One MILLION backlinks.

Who is your favorite SEO look-alike? Vote in the poll below, and the winning SEO will get $200 donated to the charity of their choice. We’ve even opened up the poll for write ins in case you think there’s a better look-alike pairing out there.

Winner will be announced July 30, voting ends July 29 at 5:00PM (PST).

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