SEO 202 Series: What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and How Can it Impact SEO?

SEO 202 Series: What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and How Can it Impact SEO?

This is the fifth video in our SEO 202 video series. We show you what a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is, where to host valuable content, and how you can use it to lower page speed time on your site, thereby increasing your visitor conversion rate and potential for rankings.

You’ve been dutifully compressing your images, building your brand and optimizing your site content but you still aren’t seeing any movement in the rankings no matter what you try. Just then you overhear a complaint about how slow your website is loading that day and it suddenly makes sense: your page speed is holding you back.

In today’s fast paced world, you can’t compete in the search engines if no one is willing to wait around to see your content. With the ideal page load time of under three seconds, you’ve got to do everything it takes to shave off those seconds and help the visitors interact with your site as fast as their keyboard can carry them. Using a CDN can drastically help you to reduce your page speed by hosting your content in several different places and simply calling upon the host who is physically located the closest to your visitor to load the content for them. This reduces the physical miles your content has to travel to make a much more efficient delivery process!

Our latest SEO 202 Video shows you:

  • What a CDN is and how it works
  • How it can benefit rankings and load times
  • Any of the potential downsides

Let this video be your guide to better understanding not only hosting but worldwide content delivery networks and what they can do for you.

To see the full transcription of this video, click here.

Brynna Baldauf

Brynna is a Search Engine Optimization Strategist at Vertical Measures where she helps clients improve their organic search engine rankings. +Brynna Baldauf