SEO 202 Series: Map Your Keywords, Avoid Cannibalization

SEO 202 Series: Map Your Keywords, Avoid Cannibalization

We are kicking off our series of SEO 202 how-to videos with an easy, three-step method for tackling a critical, intermediate-level initiative for your organic search engine optimization: canonical keyword mapping. 

Keyword Mapping is like a 3rd grade vocabulary matchup worksheet

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If you’ve ever done homework with a grade-schooler, you’ve probably screamed, thrown things and questioned why you let the youngster into your home in the first place. You’ve also probably seen one of those worksheets where you’re asked to draw a line from a vocabulary word in column A to its one correct matching definition in column B.

Keyword mapping is similar and usually nets fewer tantrums, especially if you use the three-step method and handy spreadsheet template featured in this SEO 202 video. In keyword mapping, you match up one main target keyword from column A with one of your website’s pages from column B in order to communicate clearly to Google and your human visitors which pages “own” each keyword.

Please comment and share your experience with keyword mapping, or tell us about that time you had to leave the house and go for a 9pm drive because, surprise! your third grader had a book report due tomorrow. We like feedback of all kinds. Read the full video transcript.

Get a more in-depth look on how to fight keyword cannibalization with a canonical keyword strategy, including a link to download our ultimate keyword map template.

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