Select Onsite SEO Tools

Select Onsite SEO Tools

This is a big one as there are many, many SEO tools available – both free and fee based.  So we will start with recommending some on-site SEO tools and we will assume you are not a senior SEO or you probably wouldn’t be reading this post.

Regarding fee based tools, we would recommend either IBP4 or WebPosition 4 as both of them offer a variety of tools in one convenient package.  Since this is about onsite optimization, we recommend you have the software take a look at your key pages.  The will compare you to your competitors and suggest changes that need to be made in order to rank well in the search engines.  For the money these tools are better than any of the free ones.

Some very good free tools include: SEOmoz page strength tool, LinkVendor offers a variety of easy to use tools, SEO Company Website Analysis, and a meta tag checker is avaible here.

Today’s Task: Review the list of tools.  Save the free ones to your favorites and purchase one of the software packages.

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