Search Engine Optimization Spam

Search Engine Optimization Spam

All of us receive spam every day. Some trying to make us better lovers, some promising we will get rich and others that will keep us from going bald. And all of us in the SEO industry have been pitched SEO services via spam. Normally I just laugh and delete, after all we are an SEO link building company. But the one below was just too amazing not to publish.

Of course we removed all the confidential information. But it is important to note that the spam (notice I just can’t call it an email) we received actually did list their clients’ domains below. I find it very hard to believe that these clients allowed them to spam the world using them as references.

I know it is tempting to just skip reading the rest of this post, but if you have 2 minutes, you just have to read this one. I am not sure if they were trying to sound unique, intelligent or what, but it is a real hoot. Again, we did not change a word, only protected the innocent (sort of). Enjoy…

Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 11:31 AM
Subject: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Dear Sir/Madam,
COMPANY X is the name to reckon with for radiated and productive marketing techniques, possessing successful years of exposure with client gratification. We have the expertise and infrastructure carrying most advanced technology required for development and management of a large scale search program.
Our in-house SEO experts have achieved glorious search results for various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN for our clients.
We use white hat techniques for the web promotion and marketing strategy so to maximize the return of investment for our clients.
Have a look at few of our clients along with their achieved rankings:
Keywords                                                   Google Ranking
SEO Philadelphia                                              5
Search engine optimization expert                       5
Web site marketing specialist                             9
Website optimization expert                               1                                     
Keywords                                                    Google Ranking
Clean Room Janitorial Cleaning Service                 1
Cleanroom cleaning services                                1
Cleanroom cleaning contractor                             1 
Keyword                                                    Google Ranking
Custom Knife                                                     7
Keyword                                                   Google Ranking
Seminar Marketing                                             1
Kindly let us know if there is any disconnect to this regards.

Do let us know your SEO requirements and we would come up with action plan accordingly.
Looking forward towards a fruitful business relationship.
Business development manager
If you have any other great examples, feel free to paste them into the comments below.
Arnie Kuenn

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