Real-Time Search Is Essential: Does Google Caffeine Fit the Bill?

Real-Time Search Is Essential: Does Google Caffeine Fit the Bill?

The need for real-time search is a growing issue for search engines like Google, and the former MSN search engine Live. MSN, in an attempt to address the issue, developed Bing creating a "decision engine" that claims to provide better results; I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials. We’ve all been anticipating the arrival of a new and improved Google to address the issues, and we may see it soon: Google Caffeine. 

While Google’s Matt Cutts explicitly states the new update is not in anyway an attempt to compete with Bing, there is something to be said about the timing of the update (The Bing/Yahoo partnership was announced just two weeks ago). Google’s rolled out the Caffeine update, which engineers have been working on for several months claims Cutts. Initial testing by some experts shows faster search retrieval times, more search results, and better accuracy. There are a few quirks to be worked through, but in general the new engine seems to integrate some real-time search improvements.

Have you checked it out? Tell us what you think.


Kaila Strong

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