How Google Understands You [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Google Understands You [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Google Understands You

You thought the human brain was complex? With its ability to retrieve stored memories from years past and forge connections from seemingly disparate topics, it truly seems like the brain is a miraculous organ that rules our everyday lives. But what about the Google brain? Just as intricate and just as ever-changing as a human’s brain, the Google search engine works to make associations, recommendations, and analysis based upon your search phrases.

However, the question remains: how does Google understand what we want from it? When we ask it a question, how do those millions of results show up for us effortlessly, ranked in terms of relevancy and authority? Every one of us takes this process for granted so in this infographic, we’ll look at the inner mechanics of the Google search engine that produces the results you see on your screen.

How Google Understands You Infographic

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