Day 2 Live Blogging: SES San Jose 2009

Day 2 Live Blogging: SES San Jose 2009

Today is day 2 of SES San Jose 2009, and Patty attended and participated in live blogging for at three sessions today. As promised we’ve recapped these sessions for Day 2. Don’t forget to head back here tomorrow for a recap on the last day of sessions and a recap of the highlights from the conference. 

"Keywords & Content: Search Engine Marketing Foundations"
Several panelists were available for this session including: Christine Churchill (KeyRelevance), Healther Lloyd-Martin (SuccessWorks), Jill Whalen (High Rankings), Marc Canabou (Yahoo! Search Advertising), and Ari Levenfeld (Ask Sponsored Listing). This session focused on keywords as they relate to paid and organic search marketing. Panelists suggested utilizing the free Google keyword tool, Google trends tool, and Google Insights to track and compare keyword phrases, but also suggested fee based tools like Wordtracker and Hitwise.
The second part of this session focused on SEO content strategy and it’s reliance on keywords, but at the end of the day it’s all about content. The balance between what people want to see vs. what search engines want to see is a constant battle. Evaluate your site, they suggest, and review your approach and your content. Make sure to put keyword phrases in headlines, sub-headers, hyperlinks, in the content, and in the title as well.

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Stay tuned for the SES San Jose 2009 wrap up tomorrow, and Patty’s Live Blogging recaps of sessions: "SEO Through Blogs & Feeds" and "News Search SEO".


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