Crucial Steps for Building Website Authority

Crucial Steps for Building Website Authority

Cruicial Steps for Building Website AuthorityDoFollow Thursdays

As most SEOs know by now, a strong authoritative website does not need to be owned and operated by a large multimillion dollar corporation with an endless budget. With the strength in social networking, a website with very strong authority might only need to have the trust with the people in a certain niche. Now days, there are authoritative websites in every subject, from hair products to sports training. Understanding how to build authority to your site may require a bit of knowledge in internet marketing, but once you get the ball rolling in the right direction the possibilities are endless for your brand.

A website’s success can be measured by the amount of targeted visitors that it receives which can inevitably determine a site’s strength. To achieve the goal of an authoritative website, the site itself must rank highly for keywords that your targeted group is actually using to search (I know, it’s the chicken or the egg thing). The only way to enjoy a website’s continued triumphs is by maintaining the high number of targeted visitors on a persistent basis.

Aside from creating a visually enticing website, there are many helpful strategies that help keep visitors engaged and interested in coming back to the site. In no particular order, the following is what I would consider a “must have” list for building authority to your website:

Original Content

Probably one of the most valuable tactics you can use; updating the site multiple times a week with original quality content can drastically help drive authority.  Avoid the fluff; generate worthy blog posts or articles. Writing informative or interesting blog posts that people will want to share is an easy and effective way to spread your brand throughout the specific niche community.


Video productions can often scare off many small business owners because they believe it will cost too much money without direct, immediate profit. However if you purchase an inexpensive flip camera, or an easy to use webcam and record a few simple “how-to” videos. Grab the embed code from your video host of choice, create a webpage or blog post around it and you might notice a heavy increase in visitors and social interaction on your site.


If you have an in-house graphic designer, or can find a freelance graphic artist; projecting valuable information in the form of fun, easy to read, and straight to the point infographics can be extremely helpful in building authority for your site (see below).  It’s also a great way to add “Share Buttons” to further promote your company.


Organizing and producing a webinar on a topic in your niche can not only help acquire traffic to your site but can also generate promising leads in the form of viewers. You can also record your own and add it to your website (like we have done with our own webinars) or YouTube channel as another video directing toward your site.

Free Guides

By promoting a suitably written free guide or white paper, some of the most sought after traffic can come to your site by just writing 4 to 25 pages about something already in your expertise. Free guides generally contain information about your products or services, research, case studies, company opinions, or resource guides that list other top experts in your niche.


An eBook is significantly longer that a Free Guide. They take more energy and time to write, but when done correctly they can help push your business more into the mainstream, while at the same time, build your site’s authority. For a few hundred bucks you can even self publish and sell your eBook series on Amazon and Barnes & Noble too.

Get Involved and Be Personable

If you have seen my Profile Page, you know I aim to be as “real” as possible towards future leads and the community.  Establishing yourself and your brand in a truthful, down to earth fashion will help attract more targeted audiences. Visitors today have a sharp eye on what is automated, and what has depth with real opinions.  In a niche community, participate in forums and general discussions; add your input in as many relative discussions as possible to further your reputation as an expert.


This may sound fairly obvious, but industry directories and high authority directories will most likely have good Page Rank, and Domain Authority.  While avoiding free directories that place links for everyone; using specific, high ranking directories can be an easy way to raise your sites authority. Just be sure the position of the link on the directory is placed on the most relevant page possible, and check if the page has good Page Authority as well.

Link Building

Choosing the right link building campaigns can significantly influence your website’s authority. Contact the resource pages that link to content comparable to what you provide on your site and inquire about being added to the list. Pull the backlinks from your competitors and you might find sites that are already linking to a site similar to yours. This can generate further leads to go after and will eventually raise the authority of your site.

Developing quality inbound links can significantly improve the sites authority. Backlinks are still the backbone of the web and are the most important signal to search engines to determine your website’s strength.  As always, you want natural backlinks from as many different domains as possible. A useful link builder’s tip: Fix those broken links! While your website may still be live, those external links might not be. Use a tool to locate broken links or it’s suggested to manually check pages on your website every three months for any broken links.

Similar to broken links, broken pages can also send bad signals; make a list of the pages, fix them or 301 redirect them to the most suitable and appropriate live page. Most backlinks are acceptable, but the most beneficial ones clearly come from other highly trusted websites such as .gov domains, .edu domains, or even chief news sites. You should constantly be on the lookout for authority backlinks, because even a single solid link can considerably boost the authority of your website.

With the above strategies, you can start to build your site’s authority, and enhance your business’s success. Building your sites authority in any niche is a matter of making that website popular and growing its network through any and all means available. You want engaging, quality content that will keep users on the site, and persuade them to share the content through social avenues. By branching out the types of content you create, you’re sure to find an approach that appeals to your audience and that can assist in the quest of building authority to your site. All combined efforts create a working representation for how you can strive in building website authority. There isn’t a fast way to website recognition, but rather deliberate planning, long hours, and time.

Know of any other great examples of building a niche site into an authority?  Let us know in the comments below.

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