Conduct Keyword Research

Conduct Keyword Research

Hopefully you have selected a couple of keyword research tools and are ready to go.  Keyword research is critical to the process of SEO.   Without this component, all of your efforts to create a website and rank well in the major search engines may go for not.  The process of keyword research involves several phases:

Check Your Website Analytics– Seeing how past or potential customers found your site is a great way to expand your keyword list to include as many terms and phrases as possible. It can also give you a good idea of what’s likely to be the biggest traffic drivers and produce the highest conversion rates.

Brainstorming – Thinking of what your customers/potential visitors would be likely to type in to search engines in an attempt to find the information/services your site offers (including alternate spellings, wordings, synonyms, etc).

Applying Data from Keyword Research Tools – All of the tools we recommended in the previous post offer information about the number of times users perform specific searches. Using these tools can offer concrete data about trends in keyword selection.

Term Selection – The next step is to create a matrix or chart that analyzes the terms you believe are valuable and compares traffic, relevancy, and the likelihood of conversions for each. This will allow you to make the best informed decisions about which terms to target.  We suggest keeping this fairly simple.  Just list the number of searches and the KEI index if available.  The KEI (or similar metrics) tell you how difficult it might be to obtain a high SERP ranking.  Again, we highly recommend you select only phrases with 3 words or more unless you have a very established website.

Today’s Task:  Create a list of 10-20 keyword phrases to target for your website.  Choose one phrase as your main keyword phrase.  Do not select more than 20 phrases.  This list will be updated over time, but will serve as your starting point.

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