A Phone Book Delivery Inspired Post

A Phone Book Delivery Inspired Post

Recently, here at Vertical Measures, we got a very special delivery: a SuperYellow Book. Wow, totally useful for an Internet marketing company like ours….I made a beeline for the recycling bin and promptly discarded it. It made me wonder though, do people actually still use the Yellow Pages to find local businesses? As someone who knows a little bit about local search marketing, I knew online local search has surged in recent years, but the exact numbers: not so much. Let’s examine the numbers.
Local Recycling YellowPages
Local Search Trends
Over the past few years local search sites have popped up all over the Internet. From Merchant Circle and Yelp, to Hot Frog and Google Maps, these sites help you find more than a business’s listing. Searchers can see detailed profiles for businesses: what customers are saying about a particular business, links to the company’s website, photos, video, and more. Basically: a Yellow Book on steroids (but not the bad kind of steroids, the natural, good, user generated content type of steroids).

Online users have flocked to local search portals to find more information about businesses. The numbers of monthly visitors are quite alarming. Below you’ll find a visual representation of the overall upward trend on some of the most popular local search sites.

(All figures below are courtesy of QuantCast.com)
Google Maps





Yelp Quantcast Photo


Understanding the Numbers

As you can see, the numbers and growth are pretty astounding in the world of local search. Businesses who don’t have a profile on any of the above sites could be missing out on a significant amount of traffic. An estimated 49 million users visit Google’s local search section monthly (Maps.Google.com). An up and coming star in the local search game is Yelp, with an estimated 9.9 million users visiting monthly. There’s no denying the fact that the trend to use local search engines continues to rise.

Even if your business doesn’t receive a lot of traffic from local areas, there are still benefits to having a listing. A link back to your site, for one, is a great benefit. In addition, having a place for your customers to go to rate your business, discover more information, and share more information about your business are just a couple reasons to put up that local profile.

Want more information about local search? Well lucky for you our very own Sarah and Jason presented on the very topic in this month’s webinar. Check it out on our SEO Webinars page.

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