The Vast Landscape of Targeting Options for Facebook Ads [VIDEO]

The Vast Landscape of Targeting Options for Facebook Ads [VIDEO]

There are literally thousands of ways to use Facebook Ads to target your audience. From general demographics like age and gender, to more nuanced options like homeownership status and interest (in yoga, bodybuilding, etc), the options are almost endless. Watch this video to understand how many different targeting options are available to use when setting up a paid content promotion campaign through Facebook Ads.


All Facebook taxonomy targeting options are in bold.

Meet Julie. A simple girl in a digital world. Her life can show you a few of the targeting possibilities available with Facebook Ads.

Julie is a newly married, empty nester who rents a single family home in Phoenix, Arizona for $1100 a month. Living with her construction manager husband and their dog, keeps her happy and healthy. Speaking of health, Julie has a fondness for nutrition and weight training, though running and zumba are fun for her too.

Everyday, she goes to her full-time, $50,000 salary job as a content marketing manager at a digital advertising agency in Tempe, Arizona. She prefers to carpool to work in her alternative fuel 2010 Toyota Hybrid that helps keep her dedication to environmentalism and sustainability in check. Good job Julie!

She completes her work efficiently with a new desktop computer, fully loaded with her favorite operating system Yosemite. This makes her daily breaks playing Chrome browser puzzle games while relaxing with non-dairy smoothies more rewarding.

When Julie’s not at work, she enjoys reading fantasy romance novels, being a hipster photographer via instagram, and watching vampire comedy television shows, all on her Apple iPad Mini 2.

Julie’s really just a small example of the different levels of demographics, interests and behavior targeting options available.

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