The Scoop on “Social Media Marketing” by Liana Evans

The Scoop on “Social Media Marketing” by Liana Evans

A review of Social Media Marketing: Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media by Liana “Li” Evans

Though I have read a plethora of information about social media marketing as have many in the Internet marketing industry, I would definitely recommend checking out this book.   It is an extensive guide, from the basics to the ins and out of social media, to how social media fits into your company’s Internet marketing plan.

A theme of the book, and the part that I found most interesting, was the focus on the importance of conversations.  Sometimes when thinking of social media as a business strategy, people may lose sight of what is truly at the core of it all, which is connecting with others.

Some key elements of the book regarding conversations:

”The conversation will happen with or without you.” People will be talking about your company or product whether you have a social media presence or not.  It’s imperative to be active on social media sites to connect with the people who have positive and negative things to say about your business.

Don’t dwell on the negative. After researching what people are saying about your business on social media sites you may find there have been some negative sentiments.   This scares people away from social media all the time, though social media can actually act as an avenue to talk with these and attempt to understand where they’re coming from.

There is no magic recipe for the perfect social media marketing plan. Every business is different no matter what niche it is in.  Even from competitor to competitor there will be differences in policies and tactics. “Effective social media involves research, strategy, planning and measures,” Evans said.  “The results of that research will vary for each company, so the most effective social media platforms and social media plans will vary, too.”

Pay attention to “return on conversation.” Measuring the success of social media marketing can be a difficult feat.  Instead of focusing solely on ROI, Evans recommends taking return on conversation into account.  Continuously monitor and engage in conversations and recognize how powerful online communities can be.  Also, be sure to join the discussion across a number of social media sites, including niche communities.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and will continue to use it as a resource.  If you have read the book, what were your favorite sections?  If not, what resources (books, articles, blogs) do you refer to for social media marketing information?

Abby Gilmore

Abby Gilmore is a content strategist at Vertical Measures. When she is not creating, tweaking and developing strategies for online content, she creates her own offline content as a freelance print journalist.