Take Advantage of Video Ads on Mobile

Take Advantage of Video Ads on Mobile

If you are an advertiser today, then you are marketing to people on the go. It seems like just about everyone has gone mobile through the use of smartphones, tablets and other devices. Studies show that mobile search queries have jumped by 500% over the past two years, and YouTube has reported that they average nearly 400 million mobile views every day. Just to put in into perspective, that’s more than 13% of their entire daily views.
Those numbers should be an inspiration for you to try to generate new business. In addition to reaching new customers, combining your current advertising strategy with mobile video can help keep your current customers interested. Launching your campaign across a series of platforms, especially mobile ones like smartphones and tablets, has been proven to improve brand recall amongst consumers. Reaching your entire audience with a TV spot is a thing of the past, so it is time to get hip and create some synergy with the help of some other popular mobile sites.
YouTube mobile is user-friendly, and gives you a great opportunity to reach a vast audience. One approach to take is to make your ad a promoted video on the mobile homepage. These “promoted videos” can be seen near the top of the video search results on their mobile page.


One great thing about promoted ads is that they work on a pay-per-view basis. You will only be charged when a user watches your video. These promoted videos work through an auction-based campaign and you can manage them directly through your Google AdWords account, creating a more seamless process for the advertiser. We encourage you to create separate mobile campaigns in AdWords in order to track and target your video ads more efficiently.


Promoted videos are considered to be part of a “TrueView” ad format, meaning you only pay when a potential customer watches at least 30 seconds of your video. In a short while, this format is going to be split into two versions – “TrueView in-search” ads, which are ads that compete in auctions exclusively on the YouTube site and “TrueView in-display” ads, meaning that universe is extended across YouTube as well as the entire Google Display Network.


YouTube automatically compiles your views from both desktop and mobile devices, so you will be able to have a running count of how often your ad is being clicked. High click counts will ultimately benefit the “brand channel” that you create on the site. Brand channels boost your online presence, plus you have the ability to outfit your channel with your brand specific messaging and imagery.


Another way to spread your message using YouTube Mobile is by investing in YouTube “in-stream” ads or, the 15-second pre-roll ads that run before searchable content on the site. Basically, the audience has to watch your ad in order to get to the content that they are seeking. You can optimize your ads to reach your designated audience based on factors like location and the type of content for which they are looking. The “in-stream” ads are priced on a CPM basis, and you will need to speak with a Google Sales Representative in order to arrange an account.


Finally, if you’re looking for a big boost in impressions, you can purchase a YouTube mobile roadblock. These roadblocks give your brand 100% share of voice on YouTube Mobile for an entire day. The format is a mobile banner ad on the home, browse, and search pages of m.youtube.com, and it is available across all mobile devices. Multiple users have tried this approach, and Nielson Mobile data has shown this strategy to increase incremental impressions by 17% for advertisers who opt-in. Additional documentation provided by YouTube can be found here.


Now is a great time to take advantage of mobile opportunities that other popular sites are offering. YouTube and Google AdWords have created a great environment to advertise using online video. The addition of mobile makes this even more powerful. Try incorporating mobile video into your campaign to boost brand recognition and recall, and watch your conversions skyrocket as you continue to engage the audience on the go.