Solutions for a Neglected Twitter Account

Solutions for a Neglected Twitter Account

Solutions for a neglected twitter account.
Do you hear them? That’s the sound of crickets coming from the direction of your Twitter account. Yes, Pinterest is all shiny and new and fun so you’ve been spending lots of time building up your boards, pinning and repinning. Now that Timeline has gone live on Facebook you had to create just the right cover photo and possibly update your profile picture so that is complements your brand and the cover photo. You’ve felt compelled to spend time filling in all of your milestones on your timeline as well. So, where has this left your Twitter account? I thought so, abandoned.

A little bird told me you might need some help getting back into the swing of things on Twitter as part of your social media marketing. First of all, does your Twitter profile need a little upgrade? Below is a checklist you can use to make sure your profile is complete.

Twitter Profile Checklist

The Thumbnail Photo

Does it correctly represent your company? If your logo is going to be used, please don’t stretch or distort it so it fits into the square. If your logo is too large, try to break it down and use just a piece of it that looks good as a square. Or use a graphics program to change the shape of your logo into a square. In other words it should look good, not wonky. If you’re not going to use your logo then use a real picture of someone in your company, not a cartoon.

Description Area

Be sure to fill everything in; your name, location, phone number and a description of your business. If you just mess around and say, “We’re a totally awesome company!”, you’re missing the boat. Fully describe your business in the space allotted and try to fit in a keyword that users would be searching so they can find you.

Company Link

In your profile you can add one link. Some businesses link to their website or their blog. Don’t miss this step!

Twitter Background

So you got all creative with your Facebook cover photo, do the same with your Twitter background. This space is an excellent area to visually brand your company by using a custom background. In addition to a stunning design, be sure to include your logo, address, phone number and list your other social media profiles (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc). If they work nicely into the design and enhance the background, photos of your building (offices), staff or products are a nice touch.


Who your Twitter account follows is not really part of your profile but you should think of it in that regard. When you follow others that shows you care and want to be engaged in your community or industry. Follow your industry leaders and also look for Twitter lists that have been created in your industry as those can be a gold mine of who to follow. Associations, trade publications and popular industry blogs are a must. It’s also a good idea to follow news sites so you can stay on top of current events as they happen. When you find those who tweet really cool stuff, check to see who they are following. Oh, and many times when you follow then you will get followed back.

Once you’ve got your profile updated, now you’re ready to get back to tweeting. A good thing to keep in mind is that you want to infuse the fact to your followers that there is a real person doing your tweeting. Converse and interact with your followers as you would in person. Twitter should be one-tenth self promotion and nine-tenths engagement and customer service. Here are some post ideas to get you going.

Twitter Post Ideas:

  • Tweet out when new posts go live on your blog
  • Industry news
  • Retweet colleague’s tweets that are helpful to your followers
  • Ask opinions about major events (think Super Bowl, Academy Awards, World Series)
  • Fun facts and history about your industry or company
  • Do you have visitors check into your business on FourSquare? Thank them for the visit
  • Tweet about funny things that happen in your office or business or quote funny things staff say
  • Share photos of stuff happening in your business and pictures of staff
  • Be sure to respond to questions or concerns from your followers
  • Your new products or services (do this very sparingly)
  • When others tweet to you tweet back, have a conversation (unless it’s a spammer)
  • Tweet famous quotes that apply to your industry
  • Share when it’s a specific day, like National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, etc.
  • Be sure to wish other’s happy birthday or give other holiday greetings
  • Post links to funny videos
  • Ask opinions about possible new products or services and listen to what they have to say
  • Get local and share events and happenings in your local community
  • Be helpful and educational; give tips and tricks that are relevant to your niche
  • Share new great music you’re enjoying
  • Tweet when something awesome happens to a staff member outside of work
  • Comment on other’s tweets
  • Run little contests on Twitter, but be sure to follow the guidelines
  • Tweet about local sports teams
  • If you attend an industry event, share the information
  • Offer thanks to those who leave a review or comment on your blog

Don’t forget to use #hashtags, but use them wisely. They are helpful for when you are tweeting about a particular topic and want your tweet to be easily found in search. Also, @reply to those on Twitter so they see when they are mentioned, this really adds to the engagement factor.

It’s not the number of tweets you do per day that is important; it’s the engagement that happens when you do. Don’t just tweet to tweet. Think about what your followers will care about and possibly share.

What other Twitter post ideas do you have? Or what do you do when you get Twitter writer’s block?

Ardala Evans

Ardala is a Senior Project Manager working with the Client Services team at Vertical Measures. She supervises the flow and completion of the monthly tasks for the clients. Ardala also gathers data and assists in the report creation process. +Ardala Evans