Should I Be Bidding on My Branded Keywords?

Should I Be Bidding on My Branded Keywords?

In most instances, the way that you approach your AdWords campaigns differs greatly depending on your product/service, budget, and overall campaign goals. There are however, certain keyword selection tactics that benefit almost all advertisers in the online playing space. One of these is bidding on branded keywords.

There are several valid reasons to consider opting for branded search terms. For starters, when you focus on branded keyword terms, your ads will have more opportunities to appear on the search results page. Your ads can now appear on branded as well as generic search queries. More links to your website means more chances to engrain yourself in the minds of your potential customers. It also establishes that you are a key player in your industry which is appealing to customers seeking a reliable product or service.

Branded search terms allow you to be creative and maintain control over your messaging. Organic listings may be free, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are effective. For example, if a user searches for “YOUR BRAND reviews” wouldn’t it be nice to ensure your listing shows first and that you can bring that user to a page full of good reviews and credibility content. You can also choose to include ad extensions like Product listings, location information and more.

Another important reason to include branded search terms is because your biggest competitors are likely a step ahead of you. If they are bidding on your company name, this means that their ads may already be overshadowing yours on the results page. If a person searches for your company and they see a competitor’s ad first, you may lose that high-value user.

Lastly, branded search terms almost always come at bargain prices. Because of the prevalence of your brand name on your website and typically high click-through-rate on ads, quality score for these keywords is generally extremely high. Branded traffic can usually be had at a fraction of the cost of your generic keywords and is a simple way to control the way users enter with your site.

As I mentioned earlier, bidding on your own company’s search terms ensures that your ads appear to customers who are already familiar with your offerings. It’s possible that they’ve been referred, or perhaps they are a return customer. Either way, if they are actively searching on your business name or by another specific search term, then you are several steps closer to making a sale.

Zach Etten

Zach is a seasoned leader with nearly 10 years of digital marketing experience. His analytical and goal focused approach has helped businesses achieve lofty growth initiatives through search, social, and content marketing. Outside of work, you can usually find Zach cheering on any of the Boston sports teams.