Recent Unveiling of Google Plus Has Many Speculating

Recent Unveiling of Google Plus Has Many Speculating

Google Plus Features

The field testing and beta invites have gone out and users have had a chance to take a glance at what Google Plus is all about. A great strategy building buzz and exciting users across the web to take a glance if they get the golden ticket invite.

Google Plus Project admits that sharing is a huge part of being on the web, but it could be made simpler. That’s what Plus hopes to help users with. Plus hopes to make sharing more like the real world. Would you say the same things to your mom as you would to your girlfriends? Of course note. Share different things with different groups by placing the people you know into circles. Share information with a selected circle and easily add to or edit your circles on the Plus platform to customize the reach of your updates. Set up a hangout on the web and invite your circle to drop by if you’re out and about. Huddle with a group of your friends online for an impromptu chat session. And these are just some of the features available in the beta version.

Announced yesterday, Google Plus integrates into Google Analytics allowing users to pull custom reports easing the process of measuring social interaction with your content. Certainly this feature will be a great addition, should the platform get up and off the ground successfully and there’s enough information to analyze.

The recent unveiling of Google Plus has many speculating that it’s Google’s attempt to encroach on Facebook’s web share. At this point, however, Plus doesn’t seem to offer anything that isn’t already available on a third party site or on the Facebook platform itself. Google executives promise their Plus team is trying to help fix the broken online sharing problem that faces many online users. There certainly has to be more to come, because at the present time Plus doesn’t fix many of the issues.

As an internet marketer I think the Plus platform is an interesting move for Google. Imagine the possible access to information they’ll have if many users flock to the platform. The ability to closely monitor social and location signals as well as others is incredibly important to achieving Google’s primary goal – to serve up the best results to users. Sure, Google has access to a lot of what we do on the web but the #1 place users spend their time online is restricted from Google’s access – Facebook. Having the ability to analyze the information and integrate into search algorithms seems necessary at this point.

Should Plus become the #1 spot users flock to on the web, Google will certainly have enough information to serve up just about the best results to searchers – short of reading people’s minds.

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Have you had a chance to check out Google Plus? What are your initial reactions?

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