Real-time Twitter Search and Trends only for the Tweeps You Follow

Real-time Twitter Search and Trends only for the Tweeps You Follow

friending_topicsRecently, Robert Scoble expressed his surprise as to how no one had done a real-time Twitter search and trends for just the people you are following. Within 30 minutes, many people had commented on his remark with similar surprise. But one person stood out and shared the information we all wanted, and we owe a special thanks to Mike Lizun of Gregory FCA for tipping us off about the fact that a real-time friend trend application, indeed, already exists. And it’s called Friending Topics.

Trending Topics on Twitter


Everyone’s familiar with how trending topics on Twitter work, right? When you log in to Twitter, you see them along the right hand side under your profile information and stats. But c’mon, who’s really interested in global trending topics?  I’m sure someone is, but it’s not me.  At the time of this writing, my trending topics included chocolate milk, paranormal activity, Dow Jones and Finland.  None of which had much meaning to me personally.

But when I logged in to friending topics, what I saw had a lot more relevance. As I follow more people, sorting out the clutter into pieces that are relevant and valuable has been a challenge. But I can definitely see how this app can help with all that. After signing in with my Twitter account, all I had to do was hover over topics, tags or web links to see the most recent tweets of all my tweeps. And the best part is, it was related to topics I’m actually interested in, like business, social media marketing and SEO.

What to do if You Don’t Follow a Lot of Tweeps?

Okay, so you might be thinking: "That’s great, but I don’t follow any topics." Well…why not?  With a tool like TweepML, you can find groups of people to follow, centered around themes.  For instance, take a look at the Vertical Measures team.  Following the tweeps on that page would be a great way to start putting your ear to the ground for SEO and link building. Once you’ve built up your tweeps to follow, then you can use Friending Topics to easily keep a pulse on what people are talking about, in real-time.  The only thing left to do then is…add your voice to the trending topics you care about the most.

Got a special way you track search and trends for your Tweeps? Leave it in a comment below.

Ralph Miller