More Options for Real Time Search

More Options for Real Time Search

ubervu I’m obsessed with real time search! and I don’t think it’s just me (Google just announced social search), and in my last article, I talked about Twitter real time search and trends.  Of course, some people have their doubts about the viability of social search, but I believe real time search is only going to get bigger, and better. The primary basis for this belief is the fact that I see countless contenders battling for real time search dominance.  Consequently, I’ve been exploring different real time search options, and trying to figure out what the best tools are for managing real time conversations, particularly in regard to the website marketing services we offer clients.  Last week I was introduced to an interesting option I’d like to share: uberVU metrics and analytics.

What is uberVU?

Have you ever found yourself using social media and feeling a bit isolated from the conversation? Especially with Twitter.  You can see half the conversation, right? But often, you can’t see what other people are saying. That experience sometimes leaves me feeling empty.  Not to mention that half the conversations are taking place not just on Twitter, but on blogs and forums.  Well, uberVU is really trying to eliminate that empty feeling experience by bringing the full conversation into perspective.  Simply stated, and in their own words, uberVU lets you "find out what people are saying about brands, stories or events. And follow the comments all over the social web."

Real Time Search Interface

uberVU Pie ChartuberVU’s real time search uinterface is slick. A simple search allows you to see how many people are talking about a particular topic, and a nice little pie chart shows you where those conversations are taking place. Below that, a graph shows you exactly when the conversations were posted, allowing you to put it all into a time reference.  This feature will allow businesses to determine the relevance of the conversation to their marketing campaigns of today and tomorrow.

By creating an account and linking it to your social media accounts, you don’t have to leave uberVU to participate in the conversation, and I really like that. It’s a big time saver not having to click on a link, find the spot to comment, etc, etc.  All you have to do is hit reply in uberVU, enter your comment, and submit!  Wicked awesome!

The only drawback, if you can call it that, is the free account is going to brand your messages with a link to uberVU, a small price to pay for an awesome service. But if it’s a real concern of yours, all you have to do is upgrade your account to remove their branding.

uberVU Features

  • Reply to Twitter users, blog comments, FriendFeed and more from within uberVU, and they send your message back on the right platform.
  • Track conversations within a particular niche "community" (or multiple communites with an upgraded account) and receive email alerts.
  • The uberVU widget lets you aggregate the conversations about your blog from all over the web, right there on your blog! How cool is that?
  • Use the uberVU bookmarklet to track stories and converstations as you find them.
  • Pricing – The free uberVU account comes with one community you can track, no exports and links to each time you use the reply functionality. The paid services range from $20-$150/month depending on what features you want.

I still want to know what you’re using for real time search.  So leave it in a comment!



Ralph Miller