Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising seems to be quite the buzz at the moment. With 100 million estimated mobile Internet users in the U.S., and $1.24 billion anticipated to be spent on mobile advertising in 2011, it is easy to see why. If you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon, this article should help to get you started.

More than likely, you are advertising on mobile devices in your AdWords campaigns already.  Under Campaign Settings there is an option for Devices allowing you to target Desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones with full Internet browsers, or both. If this setting is currently set to All Devices your ads are receiving clicks and impressions from users on their cell phones. Luckily, Google will allow you to see performance statistics for your mobile advertising within your account. Simply click the Segment dropdown, located beneath the account tabs, and select ‘Device’.

As you will see, ads shown on computers perform quite differently than ads appearing on mobile Internet browsers. Because of this, we recommend targeting mobile devices in a separate campaign all together. This will enable you to better target your ads, enable better performance for your keywords, as well as track conversions separately. Also, because mobile searches tend to use shorter keyword phrases, a separate campaign will allow you to bid higher on keywords that would otherwise be too general.

Now, let’s talk ads. There are two types of ads that will appear on mobile devices in AdWords: text ads that show on full Internet browsers and WAP mobile ads that appear on mobile websites. You will want to include both types in your mobile campaigns. Because WAP mobile ads are specifically for phones without full Internet browsers you will need to point them to your mobile website. Don’t have a mobile website? You can link your ads to a phone number instead.

Spending time on your mobile campaigns is a quick and easy way to make big improvements in your AdWords campaigns. Little changes will go a long way and the potential for additional quality traffic is just too large to ignore. Bing is also enabled for serving ads on mobile devices. With mobile advertising you can start increasing your traffic now; just in time for the holidays.