Make Bing your Default Search Engine!

Make Bing your Default Search Engine!

 Bing Search Engine

Ok, so it is time for me to step up to the plate, practice what I preach, eat my own dog food, etc, etc. 
Today I changed the default search engine on my browser to from Google to Bing. Why? I think the search world really needs Bing to work. 
Maybe a sort of FAQ is in order:
Don’t you like Google?
  •  I like Google a great deal. Their search engine is the world’s best, and their search tools are terrific too. Their search engine and AdWords also indirectly provides me with 75% of my income.


How does Bing compare?
  • I don’t really know, I just started using it. But most of my larger customers advertise on both Google and Bing….so I am hoping it will turn out to be a pretty good substitute. And from the few searches I have run on Bing, it seems fine. Remember when Firefox first came out? It had its bugs and quirks, but you just needed to stick with it until it could gain momentum. Now I useFirefox all the time. I am hoping Bing will follow a similar path. (Yes, I recognize the irony).


So, really, why change?
  • I think it would be better for everyone….advertisers, PPC managers, SEO firms, etc if Google had some real competition.  Competition would hopefully help stabilize ad costs, maybe even lower them a bit. 
  • Bing provides good customer service and a good PPC management software program. They should be rewarded for those efforts with more traffic.
  • The Bing/Yahoo merger needs to work….so the additional traffic will help those chances as well by vindicating the resources that will be needed during the merger process.
  •  I can’t imagine that Google would really want to become a monopoly and attract attention from government agencies. If Bing/Yahoo fails, there is really only Google left. So even Google should welcome a stronger Bing.


Me too?
  • If you would like to see more competition in the search market place and you would like to help make that a reality…start with a simple step and use Bing for your default search. It’s not the same as saving the whales, etc….but it should make you feel good and every little bit helps.
  • Here is a link to explain how to set your default search to Bing: