Is Pinterest Right for My Business? [VIDEO]

Is Pinterest Right for My Business? [VIDEO]

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Kaila Strong answers: “Is Pinterest Right for My Business?”

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So today’s question is, “Is Pinterest right for my business?”

Pinterest is one of the hot, hot topics right now in the social media game. It is a site that receives millions and millions of visitors on a monthly basis. And it has the ability to drive some pretty targeted traffic to websites if utilized efficiently.

Pinterest is really great for a business that has a large demographic of female users. Pinterest is mostly women, at about 75-80% women, although men are starting to flock to the platform as well. So it is something that can help if you have that female demographic. Females in the U.S. represent the largest majority of stake holders of who makes the decisions on purchasing products in the home, that are purchased online. So that demographic is very important for any e-commerce client or any industry that definitely focuses on that female demographic.

Check out Pinterest, test it out, see if it is right for your brand. See if there are other users online who are using it in your industry and see how you can utilize it for your brand.

Kaila Strong

As Senior Director of SEO Services, Kaila oversees both the SEO department and our Internet Marketing Strategists. She works with our expert team to uncover SEO strategies, develop link building campaigns, conduct competitive analysis, review Google penalties, execute backlink analysis and train peers on SEO fundamentals. +Kaila Strong