Introducing Google Review Extensions (beta)

Introducing Google Review Extensions (beta)

When your business gets an award or boasts impressive accolades it’s natural to want to plaster it on every piece of promotional material in sight. It’s a manifestation of your hard work paying off. It’s also a great asset to have when attempting to attract new customers. Review Extensions by Google (now available in beta) is giving you the opportunity to show off those positive words from respectable third parties; this time it’s directly within the copy of your text ads.

When you provide detailed information about your products and services, especially the “cheers”, potential customers can make an informed decision about their purchase. Favorable reviews can help them see how your business can fulfill their needs and desires. Including a positive snippet from a reputable source immediately gives you more leverage with your customer.

Let’s say that you are a company that specializes in Juice Cleanses and Shape Magazine has recently given you a glowing review. You can choose to include a direct quote, or a summary point that speaks highly of your products. The snippet will be located at the bottom of your ad, after you’ve presented your product and the click through URL in copy. You may choose to include, “The Most Effective 3-Day Juice Cleanse for the Cost – Shape Magazine” or you can say “A Shape Magazine Top Rated Juice Cleanse”. It’s your choice as to how you want to present your credentials; just remember that the goal is to instill trust in the customers and hopefully attract new/return business as a result.

The reviews that you provide should be truthful and from high-quality sources. The copy that you display in Review Extensions will go through the approval process just like the rest of your text ads. This is why it’s crucial that the information you provide is reputable, accurate and in accordance with current AdWords policies. It is up to you the advertiser (not AdWords) to ensure that it is legal for you to attribute awards/quotes from third parties within your ads. Take the necessary precautions by contacting the outlets prior to finalizing your copy to make sure you are in check with their policies as well. It should be noted that Google utilizes an automated system to ensure that you are a human entity that is crediting sources (that comply with existing policies), and not a bot. This is part of the standard approval process.


The new Review Extensions feature is available for use around the world (in beta). Please note however, that English is the only language that can be used to broadcast the reviews at this time. Google is currently seeking advertisers to participate in the beta rollout of this new feature. If you are interested, please reach out to your AdWords representative for additional details on how you can be one of the first to use this exciting new tool. As popularity and awareness grows, Google plans to expand this feature to other languages through the AdWords interface.


Zach Etten

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