Google content advertising.  Part 3– Your results may vary.

Google content advertising. Part 3– Your results may vary.


In part 2 we talked about Google’s statistics for advertising on their Content Network.   In this final installment we will look at some of Site Pro’s actual customer numbers and some basic do’s and don’ts in Content Advertising.
Here are three examples from our own customer accounts that I think fairly represent what Content is capable in terms of traffic and conversions.

Here is our flagship example of how content advertising can really make a big difference. This company has three primary campaigns. They sell a high end product and did not use content advertising in the past. Notice that while content was not the best cost/conversion performer, it fell within their performance goal and provided 60% of their leads. In fact if you really wanted to pitch this, the addition of content advertising more than doubled their leads at a lower average cost. Not bad!


Company Bcompany-b2
The results here are more typical and reflect what Google has said about the effectiveness of their AdWords Content advertising.   BTW, this customer was not using content advertising before they came to us for their PPC management….same as Customer A.
Notice that the gains were less spectacular, but still impressive. They experienced a roughly 35% increase in conversions, but at a higher cost/conversion. Since that conversion rate was still within their acceptable range, they were happy.
And remember, that traffic and those conversions exist outside of SEO optimization!

Company Ccompany-c

In the interest of full disclosure….

Here is an example where AdWords Content advertising just didn’t work out. This company sells high end services and we could not get a content campaign to perform in their cost/conv. range. Frankly, they have been more the exception than the rule.


Some simple do’s and don’ts in Google AdWords Content advertising:
Do’s –
  •  Monitor your campaigns daily, especially in the beginning. Google will run your ads on sites that just will not convert well. You need to exclude those sites ASAP.
  •  Actively look for sites. Look for sites that correspond well to your product. Often you will find they are on the Google Network.
  • Create Managed Placement campaigns. I have found that I get the best results when I use managed campaigns and put the best performing sites into those campaigns.
Don’ts –
  •  Don’t combine campaigns. This is really the big don’t and its something that many beginners do. Create separate campaigns for your search advertising and your content advertising. Otherwise it is too difficult to track how well each is doing. Trust me.
  • Auto pilot. Don’t turn content ads on and then forget them. They will become a money pit in a big hurry. Check them daily and weed out the bad performers!
So, even if you are thinking SEO, don’t forget to keep your content advertising going.   Often time it is the easiest way to add quality traffic and conversions.