Google Content Advertising.  Part 2 — What does Google say?

Google Content Advertising. Part 2 — What does Google say?


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In Part 1 we talked about the forgotten area in the great PPC vs. Organic leads debate….content advertising. 
At this point, you may be thinking, "well if hardly anyone is using it, then it must not work". And actually you would be right for a great number of advertisers. Many advertisers do not use it properly and it can turn into a money pit when it is not working correctly.
But let’s look at what Google has to has about content advertising on its network.
"Ads on the Google Content Network can be an effective way to gain additional conversions beyond those you get via search or in combination with your SEO efforts.

  1. When used in combination with Search, the median advertiser has a content CPA that’s within approximately 2% of their Search CPA.
  2. The Content Network drives nearly 20% of total conversions for the median advertiser."
The first bullet is an eye opener. CPA (or cost per conversion) is essentially the same or a bit higher than search CPA.   Considering that Content campaigns are typically an afterthought for many advertisers, that is a surprisingly good number. And CPA is the number that counts. Content ads may run more impressions and have much lower click thru rates, but if they convert just as well who cares?
The second bullet highlights the primary point I’d like to make. Even if you have a very successful SEO project going and you have replaced all of your paid search traffic with organic traffic, why would you want to abandon the other 20%? Especially in this economy.   And some companies can do far better than 20%.
I n the next post I will talk about my experiences with Content advertising and some basic do and don’ts!