Google Ads Strategies: Which Channels Are Assisting Conversions [VIDEO]

Google Ads Strategies: Which Channels Are Assisting Conversions [VIDEO]

Do you know which online channels are driving the most conversions to your organization? Tiger Rensch, Paid Media Analyst for Vertical Measures, explains how you can use Google Ads to highlight which channels are working for you, and how to identify areas to improve.

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Which Channels Are Assisting The Most Conversions?


Hey everyone! Thanks for jumping on. My name’s Tiger, from Vertical Measures, and today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite subjects: assisted conversions.

Before I jump in, it’s important to know that Google reports the last-click conversion model by default. So, what that means is any channel that provided the last click before a conversion is getting 100% of the credit. But, that doesn’t tell the whole story. A lot of times, a channel may get all the credit for a last click, but another channel was the first to say ‘Hi’ to that prospect and see them out in the wild.

Maybe someone saw a social media ad and then Googled your business. In that case, Google search would get all the credit for that conversion, but really, social [media] had a lot to do with it. Let’s look at an [example] e-commerce client, so you can see all the hidden value we uncover when looking at assisted conversions.

The first thing I want you to do is dive into your default channel grouping report within Google Analytics. This probably looks familiar to you. Notice that Paid Search has 247 transactions. That’s 247 conversions that were all the last click. So, Paid Search was the last click before the conversion took place.

With assisted conversions, I want to show you a nice visual representation of assisted conversions. [You can see this] under Conversions, Multi-Channel Funnels, Top Conversion Paths. What you get are the most common conversion paths before a user makes a purchase. So, in this case, the most common conversion path is Paid Search x2. Twenty-seven times this happened for almost $17,000 in revenue. Paid Search is the last click here, so it gets 100% of the credit for these transactions.

The second-most common Multi-Channel Funnel conversion point would be Paid Search, then Direct. So, maybe, someone Googled this business, liked it, and then bookmarked the website. And that happened 24 times for almost $15,000 in revenue.

So, Google reports 100% of the credit for these sales to Direct. In reality, these sales probably would not have happened without Paid Search. It’s safe to assume we’re not reporting on all the value that’s there for Paid Search. There’s a whole lot of assisted conversions. I encourage you to jump into your own analytics and look for this information, because a lot of times, you can see all your channels and how they’re performing within your customer journey.

Let’s see how awareness is doing via display in social for this account. [Go to the search bar] and type in “Display”. As you can see, Display has only been a part of one Multi-Channel Funnel. So, that’s probably an opportunity to run some display ads and generate some more awareness.

Now, let’s try [searching for] “Social”. Again, as you see, only three conversions for Social, or three assisted conversions, so not a whole lot of value there.

Jump into your own account and look at the channels in this Multi-Channel flow report. I bet you’ll find some pretty intriguing data.

Let’s take a look at Organic. A lot of times, Organic doesn’t get the love that it should. [In our example], Organic was actually involved in 97 assisted conversions. Organic to Direct happened 14 times for almost $13,000 in revenue. That’s a whole lot, but Direct gets all the credit. So, it’s definitely worth investing in more organic work here, as you might assume.

Dive into your own analytics. If that’s not something you feel comfortable doing, we’ve provided a link below, and we’d be happy to jump in there for you [and provide some additional guidance. If you request a free audit, we’ll be in contact with you shortly. Thank you very much!


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Tiger Rensch

Tiger has spent the last few years exploring all aspects of digital marketing. His experience is in programming, PPC, SEO, social media and inbound marketing. As a member of the Paid Media team, he's excited to help customers realize their business goals. His analytical mindset and marketing background is an asset to VM. Yet, his greatest contribution to the team is his ability to make the perfect PB & J, a ‘know how’ that was sorely missed before his arrival.