Facebook Promotion: Developing a “Like” Campaign

Facebook Promotion: Developing a “Like” Campaign


So you’ve taken the time to develop the right kind of Facebook Page for your needs. Congrats! But now what? Building a Page and expecting the “Like”s to keep on coming just doesn’t happen. Well not in most instances anyways. Some form of promotion is essential to building up your presence on Facebook and Facebook’s advertising platform is just one way you can jump start your efforts. Here are a few ways you can boost your exposure on Facebook.

Community Marketing

Using Facebook “as” your Page is the best thing to happen to Pages since vanity URLs! Any Facebook administrator can click “Use Facebook as _____(your Page)” and cruise around Facebook commenting, “Like”ing, and posting as their brand. Talk about a great opportunity to promote your Page!

This latest round of upgrades to Facebook Pages certainly makes marketing your Page on Facebook a bit easier. Try out the following to see if it is helpful to your efforts. Here at Vertical Measures we’ve seen a migration of fans who “Like” our Page roughly 1-4 hours after using these methods that we can directly attribute back to a simple comment on a third party Page.

Tag, tag, tag!

Have you used tagging yet? Simply tag a Page in your Facebook status message by inserting the “@” symbol and their brand name (only available if you “Like” their Facebook Page first). A drop down will appear and you’ll need to click on the appropriate Page to tag the account. The tagged message will show on their Page with a link back to your Facebook Page.

Talk about a third party brand in a blog post? Update your brand’s wall with a link to the blog post and tag the third party brand in your update. Ta da! Your message shows on their wall and you’re not only promoting your Facebook Page but your blog as well.


Engage with users who “Like” similar brands Pages, industry related Pages, business partners Pages, etc… A simple comment, Wall post, or “Like” can spark a user to click your brand name and may result in a subsequent “Like”. Don’t forget that call to action: “Join the conversation….on our Page”, “Ask a question…on our Page and we’ll have our experts answer it!”, etc.


Share an insightful blog post, interesting statistic, ask a question, share a quote, or just show your love on a third party Facebook Page. Amazing how well this can work. You’re no longer just limited to your own Facebook Page to share your voice!

Swoop In

Thanks to a fellow co-worker, Sarah Schager (@SarahSchager), for this idea…She noticed that many large Pages aren’t managed. Users are engaging, asking questions, but no one is listening or responding. By using Facebook “as” your Page you can use a third party Page to help draw attention to your own Page simply by answering questions, helping, or “swooping in” on conversations. But, don’t forget that call to action. Sarah suggests offering to help but enticing them to post the question or information on your Page.

Facebook Advertising

There are many PPC peeps who are critics of the Facebook Ad platform when compared to Google’s, so I won‘t enter that debate in this post. But what I will mention are the opportunities Facebook Advertising presents as a promotion channel for your Page.

Abby from Hanapin Marketing wrote an insightful post on PPCHero.com which lists some great do’s and don’ts for your Facebook Advertising campaign including:

  • Do: Test multiple ads to target your efforts effectively. Keep track! When click through rates (CTR) drop try incorporating some new ads.
  • Do: Experiment with multiple keywords.
  • Do: Start with a small budget until you’re comfortable.
  • Don’t: Use bad pictures.
  • Don’t: Use long and confusing copy. Keep it simple.

A great friend of Vertical Measures, Thomas Ballantyne with Bulwark Pest Control, has been running a campaign for the past few weeks and has seen great success by targeting a very niche group with Facebook Ads. Through the Bulwark Pest Control efforts they’ve found that users are increasingly more willing to give “shout outs” to their favorite pest control techs. If users are willing to give a free review, which can be seen by their friends, why not invest in getting more fans to “Like” the Page?

The second phase of his advertising will include targeting users whose friends are already connected to Bulwark Pest Control, an additional target you can set within Facebook Advertising. “Here is the key to this success”, Thomas said, “A recognized name at the bottom of the ad.” He expects the CTR’s to increase, and I’m certainly in agreement. Especially when a user sees all the positive feedback on the wall!


Onsite Promotion

Using your own website to promote your social profiles should become second nature. Ensuring your social icons are present and above the fold on your site is important, in addition to using your blog to promote your Page. Also try adding the Facebook “Like” button throughout your site. The ambient affect of having someone “Like” one of your content pieces, services, etc… can garner new “Like”s from their friends.


Cross Platform Promotion

Have a Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile, or even MySpace account? Promote your Facebook Page on each of these social media platforms. Even a site like Flickr or a niche social media site can be leveraged to draw attention to your Facebook Page. Many users who are on one social networking account are likely on Facebook too.



Integration of social icons on newsletters can boost your “Like” count on Facebook and even adding social buttons to your e-mail signature can help. Some CRM systems can allow your sales or executive staff to pull reports showing which prospects or clients are currently on social platforms. Social media really does affect the way we do business and it’s not going to change anytime soon. Using this opportunity for your sales staff to stay in contact with prospects or current clients is an emerging part of customer relationship management.

These are just a few ways to boost your “Like” count and gain more fans on Facebook. What methods have you tested out and found to have a profound impact on the number of users who “Like” your Page? Share with us, in the comments below.

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