Facebook Fraud: Click Farms And How To Avoid Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook Fraud: Click Farms And How To Avoid Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media fraud has become an industry with nearly limitless global reach and relentless growth. The purchasing of clicks, engagement, and followers can be enticing, particularly for a budding brand looking to plant their roots and make their mark online. But do we understand the consequences of such purchases?

Fraud on Facebook has run rampant recently with click farms, leaving the social media platform in a mad fury to try and fix the problem. As purchased followers created through click farms may help boost follower counts through “liking” company pages, the chances of trouble may arise. This trouble could possibly come in the form of a Facebook account cancellation for the buyer (buying followers is a Facebook violation), or the pain of poor engagement when a brand tries to promote their page. With consequences on the buyers and those who merely get caught in the line of fire, this following infographic can help explain Facebook fraud with click farms and how to avoid them.

Facebook Fraud: Click Farms And How To Avoid Them #infographic #socialmedia @verticalmeasures

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