Enhanced Sitelinks With Upgraded Ad Extensions

Enhanced Sitelinks With Upgraded Ad Extensions

Ads that answer to your customers’ immediate needs and desires are great. Ads that provide the links that quickly direct them to the pages they need are even better. By incorporating Sitelinks into your text ads, you give your customers a gateway to detailed information about the specific offerings that they are seeking. Sitelinks give extra insight into products or services, and provide URL’s that directly correspond to relevant landing pages. When you use Sitelinks, you eliminate steps so customers can make informed purchases more quickly than if they had to click around to find what it is they were looking for. You’re making their lives a little bit easier, and your traffic is increasing. It’s mutually beneficial.

Earlier this year, Google enhanced the Sitelinks feature. You now have the ability to flow text from other existing ads into those with “Enhanced Sitelinks” settings, without requiring additional manual customization. This gives you the opportunity to include multiple messages within a single ad, and appeal to customers on a number of different levels.

AdWords is taking the concept a step further by now allowing you to prioritize the text that will show up as a result of the Enhanced Sitelinks feature. This offers you more control over your messaging, rather than relying on the automatic function. You can now indicate exactly what additional information you’d like to include, and when this should appear to your target audience.

Users from the testing phase boast improved click-through rates, and more relevant conversions. They say that the additional details have been well-received by customers, and their ads have received higher numbers of clicks than with the older Sitelink model. It makes perfect sense that ads displaying information relevant to the customer would translate into increased traffic and sales. By providing more control over the streaming of content, AdWords sets you up for success.

After you have completed the upgrading process, you will have the option to add additional text to your Sitelinks. You can make the appropriate updates within the “Description” field in the new or edited Sitelink. You can say more than before.

Remember that customers may not always be able to see your Sitelinks, even after you upgrade. Factors like Quality Score, ad position, irrelevant landing pages, other enabled ad extensions or a number of other things could be the reason that your full ad is failing to appear. Be sure to keep this in mind when managing your account to ensure that you’re getting adequate exposure.


The new Enhanced Sitelink feature is available only within the Enhanced Campaigns with upgraded Sitelinks. Enhanced Campaigns give you a better bearing of the messages your ads will display and when they’ll be triggered by potential customers. You may manage your settings and adjust your bids across a number of devices and campaigns from a single location in AdWords. Be sure to mosey over to your AdWords campaign settings to manage your accounts today.

Zach Etten

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