Effective Facebook Messaging Data Report

Effective Facebook Messaging Data Report

Effective Facebook Messaging Data Report

A great friend of the Vertical Measures team recently informed us of Buddy Media’s “Strategies for Effective Facebook Wall Posts: A Statistical Review”. Have any of our readers had a chance to take a look at this comprehensive data report?

Back in July I eluded to a few of the messaging strategies talked about in this data report in my post, “Targeting Your Facebook Messaging”. Their data certainly helps users to see just how effective certain strategies are. Buddy Media does a great job of summarizing messaging strategies in succinct tidbits for readers to quickly and easily understand, with the numbers to back up their information.

Let’ examine a few of my favorites from this Facebook report:

Shorter Is Better – But Not When It Comes to URLs

Not surprisingly, their data has found that posts with character lengths of 80 or less actually received 27% higher engagement. One quick look through FunnyStatus.com and you can see that short messages, especially of the humor variety, resonate quiet well.

But surprisingly (at least to me), is the fact that engagement rates were 3x higher for posts that used a full length URL vs. a URL shortened. I suppose it makes sense, given a user doesn’t know where the link will go may detract from their need to engage.

From a brands perspective, I like the idea of using a shortened URL to quickly and accurately count click through rates, geographic data, etc… Buddy Media suggests at least creating a branded shortened URL so the user has some idea where they may be going. Here at VM we will also customize the URL, like you can do with Bit.ly. For example, have a How To eBook about Facebook? Use the customized URL: http://bit.ly/eBookFacebookHowTo.

Time to Post… Try Outside of Work Hours on Thursdays and Fridays

Finding the right time of day for your industry can be tricky, but in due time you’ll find that sweetspot. The data found in the report shows that messaging outside of work hours, I.E. early AM or PM, boasted a 20% higher engagement rate than during business hours. Most messages are posted during the week, with Thursday and Fridays as peak days, and with engagement rates 18% higher than other days of the week. Depending on the industry though the peak engagement days varied.

The report did caution, however, not to overlook the weekend. Many are engaged on the weekends, but brands seem to neglect this time to message out to their fans. Are your competitors messaging out on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon? Maybe this is an area where your brand can compete!

Tell ’em What to Do!

Seems simple enough – ask a fan to “Like” and they will, tell a fan to “Comment” and they will. Be careful, however, with promotional keywords. A soft sell type of keyword will work well. Interrogative keywords like “why” don’t work, but “where”, “when”, “would” and “should” certainly do.

Lots of great information in this report, especially if you’re looking for an easy to digest piece.

What did you find most interesting or surprising? Tell us, in the comments below!

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