Damage Control: Social Sharing During the Big Game [INFOGRAPHIC]

Damage Control: Social Sharing During the Big Game [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is a contributed post by Paige Musto, Director of Communications at Act-On Software.

Super Bowl XLIX is just 4 days away and it comes as no surprise that the number of hashtags and trending topics are blowing up all over the social media universe. From the New England Patriots’ #DeflateGate scandal to bikini and lingerie-clad supermodels in unconventional circumstances, there’s bound to be plenty of opportunities to join in on the infinite conversations with real-time marketing strategies.


But as simple as it is to click a share or like button, it’s far more difficult to remove a single post from the minds of your company’s loyal followers and their influence over others. If you change your mind and decide to delete your post once it’s published, you may need to go into serious damage control overhaul. And for most businesses, social sharing can help reinforce a brands message across multiple platforms or potentially cause more harm than good.

Social Media Tools

Scheduling and pushing your business’ content out simultaneously across multiple accounts and monitoring conversations and trending topics to news jack, can be great advantages to help you drive traffic and garner those likes and favorites on social outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. It sounds simple enough – the more ahead of the game you are the greater the results. Right? Yes and no! It is great to plan ahead and be ready to join the Superbowl conversation with pre-canned posts that align your business or service with the event, but there are also game day activities and scenarios that happen live and trend that your business can take advantage of (news jack) that you cannot plan for. The Super Bowl is really all about who has the best strategy to win the game, so take time to plan your social interactions, but also be ready to make new calls on the fly.

Recent blogging and social media statistics are continuing to demonstrate an increasing value and ROI for marketers. Marketing Land has definitely taken notice of all the social tie-ins to television commercials during the Super Bowl by tracking them with their very own #HashtagBowl scoreboard which was up to 57% in 2014 (31 of 54 national ads included hashtags).

social media scoreboard

Crisis Management

We all know advertising during game day is big money; with the average 30-second spot on NBC rumored to cost $4.5 million, according to Variety. And with an estimated 184 million viewers, one can only imagine the number of discussions and exposure one can get from a single tweet. They say “no press is bad press” but just to play it on the safe side here’s a useful guide to follow so that your social media action plan is a touchdown and not a complete fumble:


Paige Musto

Paige Musto is the Director of Communications at Act-On Software. She brings 11+ years’ experience in public relations and social media for high technology companies in the IT Security and SaaS industries. In her spare time, Paige enjoys shopping, reading and watching sports—Go Niners!