Crafting the Perfect Call-To-Action

Crafting the Perfect Call-To-Action

Building a successful pay per click campaign is a very involved process. It takes special attention to detail because there are so many factors to consider. Things like keywords, targeting and bids are essential, but you cannot forget the importance of including a strong call to action in the ads across your campaigns.

 A “call-to-action” is exactly as it sounds. It is a statement included in the ad that coerces the reader to take the next step. That could be convincing them to visit your website, make a purchase or sign up for a trial membership that you are offering. It is your job to carefully lead the customer to perform that specific action. You should also carefully craft the messaging on your landing page to ensure that you can turn your potential customer into a conversion.

Creating the perfect CTA can prove difficult for several reasons – namely the limited character-count in the ad copy. You also have only a few moments to initially grab the attention of the customer. If they decide to pass up your offer, you may never benefit from gaining their business. But even if they click your ad, it isn’t a sure bet that they are going to make a purchase or convert. This is why you have to carefully format the landing page to ensure that the customer knows the next steps to take.

 You should include a statement in your ad that describes exactly what you want your customer to pursue in regards to your offer. Start by selecting a strong action verb that indicates how you want them to behave. Words like “Register”, “Join” and “Subscribe” are great options if you want the customer to become a member on your site. Directions like “Learn More”, “View” and “Browse” are fine choices if you want a customer to look through the selections of items or offers on your site. These are just a few verbs, and there are several others you can use to manage the actions of your customers.

After choosing your strong action verb, you’ll need to insert a reason that the customer would want to react to your ad. This is often in the form of an incentive like a special promotion, sale, or discount. You may also choose to indicate a sense of urgency (“Act now!”) or show that you have a limited number of your product/offer (“Until Supplies Last”). There may be other benefits that you would like to express, so be sure to do this in a clear manner within the ad copy.

 After considering the call-to-action and the reason for action, craft a concise statement that combines these two concepts. You will also want to include this statement on the landing page to where your customers will be directed next. This will remind them why they clicked on your ad in the first place. Statements like “Order today and get free shipping”, “New members get 5 free downloads” are some examples of how to effectively advertise your offer and attract customers to your site. There are any numbers of statements you will want to use to get your message across.

 You will want to test the ads to see which ones are the most successful. If you see that you are not getting the turnaround that you expect, you may want to revise the call-to-action to make it more clear for customers to understand, or to express a different offer altogether. Remember, these things can take time, so be patient but willing to try different offers to determine which one gets the best customer response.


Zach Etten

Zach is a seasoned leader with nearly 10 years of digital marketing experience. His analytical and goal focused approach has helped businesses achieve lofty growth initiatives through search, social, and content marketing. Outside of work, you can usually find Zach cheering on any of the Boston sports teams.