Coming Soon: Bing Product Listing Ads

Coming Soon: Bing Product Listing Ads

A picture says a thousand words, and a thousand words sure does come in handy when you’re used to working with a 71-character copy limit for your text ads. Microsoft’s Bing Ads is finally releasing their response to Google’s AdWords Product Listing Ads service, by offering a comparable option. Bing Ads users will soon have the ability to include images, pricing information and other important details to their search ad listings. This is a dramatic enhancement to the basic text ad which was the only option for use, until now. Select advertisers are already testing the new Product Ads service. The full version will be made available to all retailers in the U.S. early this summer.

These Product Ads promote relative clicks by pulling product information directly from the retailer’s website in real time, ensuring that information seen by your customers is always current. Just as you did with your text ads, you will be able to set keywords associated with your Product Ads. You can carefully target select ad groups to be subjected to the specific pieces of inventory that you want them to see. It’s a way to snag attention quickly, and  then offering your customers the information that they need up front regarding your goods.

Before Product Ads, retailers were unable to incorporate imagery in basic PPC search ads. The limited character format for basic search ads made showcasing select items more difficult and less appealing to the eye. By including Product Ads into your current campaigns, you are offering your costumer information about the items you currently carry that may positively influence purchasing behavior. Even more importantly, you’ll no longer need to worry about accidentally running ads for inventory that is no longer in stock. Because the details listed in Product Ads are being filtered directly from your online product library in real time, you eliminate the chance that ads can be prompted by a search query. This means you’ll be saving money over time by preventing irrelevant clicks and the attractive format will be more likely to catch the eyes of new customers. When you save more money and make more money your ROI succeeds.

There are some things you can do to start preparing for this much anticipated release. For starters, if you’re a Bing API user, you’ll need to update codes on your website to support the new format. Microsoft recommends getting your changes in place early to ensure that your site is compatible with the new Product Ads features. Organization is key when you’re optimizing your campaigns to work in accordance with updated features. You may want to start looking at your targeting strategies now so you’re ready to hit the ground running when Product Ads hit the market this summer.

Concrete information regarding the launch is still to come, but you can check the Bing Ads Blog for daily updates, or reach out to your account manager to learn more about the upcoming release schedule.

Zach Etten

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