Calculate Your PPC ROI From Conversion to Sale [INFOGRAPHIC]

Calculate Your PPC ROI From Conversion to Sale [INFOGRAPHIC]

The continually changing landscape of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can be overwhelming unless you are equipped with the right knowledge. Trying to connect offline sales with leads generated by PPC can, at times, be even more difficult. A better understanding of the process can help you identify opportunities to increase your return on investment from your PPC campaigns.

To help you visualize the process of attributing revenue from your PPC conversions to sales, we have illustrated the process in the infographic below. Dive into key metrics, customer acquisition from click to conversion, and how to calculate your PPC ROI. Use this knowledge to better understand your buyer’s journey within the digital space.

Want to dive deeper into this topic? Download our 10-page guide: How to Track Revenue from PPC Leads to Offline Sales.


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Download our 10-page PDF to learn how to connect the dots between leads generated online and sales converted offline.

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