Automated Rules for AdWords

Automated Rules for AdWords

Recently, Google announced a new release of automated rules in AdWords.  For advertisers, we feel it is important to research what the new feature entails before diving in.  In this article we hope to shed light on the potential pitfalls and benefits of using automated rules and help you determine how to use them effectively in your advertising.

One of the obvious benefits of the new automated rules feature is the fact that users can actually modify their daily budgets, target peak shopping days, and modify CPC bids based primarily on sales conversion rates.  Each user can make changes to their account based on specific criteria.  This personalization feature makes AdWords one of the most customizable marketing tools available to date.  No more pausing ads or enabling ads manually on a daily basis.  Optimizing your account for ROI has never been more automated for the average account owner.

While there are obvious benefits to setting automated rules for maximized profits, there are unfortunately associated negatives.  Without the use of automated rules, the advertiser is primarily in control of each individual keyword, ad text, and bid price.  When automated rules are set, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the selected criteria will positively impact the performance of the account.

One of the foreseen pitfalls is using the tool as a "set it and forget it" technique. When you are required to make manual account changes you become absorbed in the account’s daily, weekly and monthly performance statistics. When you are no longer required to review these aspects on a daily basis you could potentially end up letting spending get out of hand or negatively impact results.

This common pitfall can be avoided if you put in the right effort.  Most wise advertisers will create a spreadsheet to note planned rules and calculate whether or not their goals are attainable.  This can help keep you on track and accountable for your campaigns performance.

There are several benefits to using automated rules with Google AdWords.  While these benefits do exist it is important to keep the potential pitfalls in mind.  If the program is used correctly you can automate time-consuming tasks for optimal efficiency.  If you fail to monitor the impact of the rules or frequently monitor the performance of your account you can quickly turn a bad corner.  If you are wondering the ACTUAL time savings… we're still guessing, too. The idea is to be smart with this new feature, curteousy of Google, and use it as a competitive advantage, not necessarily a time saver.

The automated rules feature has been made available for US advertisers and is expected to hit the worldwide platform soon.  If you are interested in setting up automated rules on your account, contact a Search Engine Marketing Analyst at 602-314-3479.