Adwords Automatic Offer Extensions

Adwords Automatic Offer Extensions

As an AdWords advertiser, you should constantly be finding new ways to attract your customers to your site. Presenting offers or promotions that are relevant to a user’s wants and needs is the best way to encourage a click-through and AdWords is always coming up with new features to make this task easier for you.

AdWords recently introduced Automatic Offer Extensions to help you do that very thing. Now you can choose to include an extra link on your text ad, which is essentially another opportunity to lead customers to your site. The link reads “View this Ad’s Deal” and a click directs your potential customer to your destination URL, where they can learn more about the featured product or service. What’s the end result? More click-through activity to your site and hopefully increased sales for you.

When you create an ad, AdWords now scans your copy in an effort to detect mention of special promotions or details. It will then visit your URL to see your site’s content matches the messaging in your text ad. If it is a match and it complies with AdWords policies, the new Automatic Offer Extension link will be included in addition to your basic ad. Please note it is the same URL in your basic text ad, and should be considered a reiteration of your offer. Make sure that your landing page is relevant to the messaging in your ad to ensure that you are eligible for the extra exposure.

For example if you are an online retailer providing “Free Shipping” your ad text may read something like “Widgets on Sale Now! Get Free Shipping with Promo Code FREE”. When AdWords scans your landing page, if it sees reference to the promo code FREE they may include the “View this Ad’s Deal” link at the end of your copy. It’s a simple concept that can get your page a lot more visits.

You can control whether you want the Automatic Offer Extension to appear by opting out via a digital form located at this link: If you choose to opt out, you can always opt back in by filling out a similar form available through AdWords. You can manually avoid Automatic Offer Extensions by choosing not to promote a specific deal in the copy of your ad. That said, an extra link should be nothing but helpful to your campaigns.

There are a number of other requirements that your ads must meet in order for Automatic Offer Extensions to appear and work properly. For one, this service is currently only available with English ads. If you are advertising in another language, the system will not know how to scan this correctly for featured promotions. You’ll need to opt into the Google Search Network and it must be a campaign targeted toward Desktop computers. This is not currently available for ads specifically optimized for mobile campaigns.


Additionally, the Automatic Offer Extensions has been streamlined to work in accordance with other extensions that you use within your account. For starters, if you use the site links extensions, your ad will display those instead of the Offer link. In other words, it’s not going to get in the way of the foundations you’ve already set, it’s just there to help provide a little booster!


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