5 Unique Facebook Ads Targeting Tips that Drive Serious ROI

5 Unique Facebook Ads Targeting Tips that Drive Serious ROI

If you’ve chosen Facebook as a channel to invest a portion of your advertising budget on, you should definitely know your options when it comes to the audience you’re targeting. Facebook is a fantastic advertising channel, as millions of people are active every day, scrolling through ready to consume content.

According to Facebook, more than 900 million people are active on the platform every day. This presents a tremendous opportunity as a business to get your content and/or products in front of an audience. Of course, how you do that, and who you present your message to are extremely important factors.

Luckily for you, Facebook has a wide range of targeting options that can really help you hone in on the people that are best for your business to capture leads and sell products to. Let’s dive into a few of the options that have been proven to drive some profitable conversions, and hopefully you can take some of the tips and apply them to your funnel to enjoy the same success!

Layering Interests

If you’ve ever advertised on Facebook, you’re likely familiar with the incredible amount of targeting options based on interests, behaviors, and demographic factors that are available to you when creating an audience. The most common mistake advertisers make here is going a little overboard, targeting anything and everything related to their target audience. What happens in this case is the audience becomes too large to really learn anything from. As a general rule of thumb, if your audience is over 4 million people or so, there’s probably an opportunity to segment this broad audience better.

One solution to this is to layer these targeting options on top of one another to really hone in on who your target audience is and who is more likely to have the means to eventually become a customer.

For example, if you’re a solar provider, you’ll probably want to target solar power related interests. Just searching through the interest options provided by Facebook, I was able to find 10 relevant solar interest groups that when paired with 26 to 65+ year olds in the United States, gives me a potential reach of 8.6 million people.


That’s a very broad audience that you don’t actually know that much about except for that they’re somehow interested in one of the relevant solar interests selected.

What we should now do is think about who in these interest-based group is going to have an interest in pursuing a quote for a solar system, or whatever the call-to-action is in your ads, thus entering your funnel as a legitimate lead for the business. Let’s go ahead and layer this audience by selecting “Narrow Audience” below these interests.

We will now target people who are all the following:

  • interested in solar
  • homeowners
  • have an income over $100K
  • net worth above $200K
  • liquid assets above $100K

Now we’re targeting less than a million people who are much more likely to become quality leads for our business based on our targeted criteria.


You’re probably familiar with your ideal customer and some of the interests, behaviors, and demographics they represent. It could be very beneficial for your targeting efforts to spend some time thinking about how you could layer your target audience to develop a more specific audience based on the options provided in Facebook.

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Video Engagement

A more recent and extremely useful targeting method for some types of advertisers is Facebook engagement targeting. This includes being able to retarget a list of people who have engaged with your content on Facebook. If you’re a brand that likes to create engaging video content, this method is definitely worth testing.

Providing your users with free, useful, relevant content, especially video content, is a best practice for any brand aiming to create loyalty and answer questions for your potential customers. More generally, this idea is an underlying principle in the definition of content marketing. As advertisers, we should take advantage of this engagement and retarget those viewers with something relevant to keep our audiences engaged and moving down the funnel towards the ultimate goal — a purchase and money in our pockets!

So, how do you create a video engagement audience? Facebook makes it pretty simple to do. Head over to the Audiences tab in your Ads Manager and create a custom audience. That’s where you’ll find a big NEW button next to “Engagement on Facebook.”


When you select that option, and then select video, your options are to target:

  • People who viewed at least 3 seconds of your video
  • People who viewed at least 10 seconds of your video
  • People who viewed at least 25% of your video
  • People who viewed at least 50% of your video
  • People who viewed at least 75% of your video
  • People who viewed at least 95% of your video

You can be the judge here on which of these options might be useful to you and your brand, but we have generally found success with our own clients and testing using viewers of at least 50% of the video. These people consumed at least half of your video, and are probably now considered warm traffic because they’ve had enough interest to engage with your content for that length of time.

Side note: News just broke that Facebook overinflated a key viewing metric for videos on the platform over the past two years. Read more here.

You can then retarget this engagement audience with more content they may find useful to continue to keep your brand in front of them. Also, try moving them further down the funnel by offering them something where you can capture them as a lead. Email signups can get them added to your customer list where you can serve them with additional relevant information. Eventually, you’ll have qualified them enough to put them on the purchase end of the funnel, offering them tripwires relevant to the content they consumed, or even some of your products that would be relevant.

This is a great new option in Facebook so you don’t miss out on some of your most qualified traffic that is right on your page engaging with your content. It’s a great opportunity to test this audience and see if you can find some ways to retarget this segment to produce positive ROI.

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Yet another great option for targeting that Facebook provides are Lookalike audiences. This allows you to target people that Facebook deems similar to your current audiences. This is a fairly simple targeting option, but there are some ways you may not have utilized it to its full potential, so let’s take a quick look at some great ways to use this feature.

The first and probably most obvious way you should create a Lookalike audience is for all converters. if you’re a lead-generation advertiser, or it could be a purchase if you’re an Ecommerce advertiser. Taking those who have converted and letting Facebook find similar people is typically a successful audience targeting group, even if it may be cold traffic that has never heard of your brand before.


It’s recommended that you test your most valuable audiences first. If your customer list performs extremely well, test out a Lookalike audience based on them. Here’s an interesting way to try this out — remember those video engagement audiences we just talked about? As you let those build and begin to see valuable results from this warm traffic, try creating Lookalike audiences based off these engagement audiences. Grab some new leads or email signups by letting Facebook do the heavy lifting on audience segments you know work for you!

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Customer Lists

Another unique area you should try to get creative with are your current customers. It seems simple but there’s probably more low-hanging fruit in your current subscriber or customer lists than you’d think. These are people that have proven that they’re ready and willing to be engaged with.

If you have large funnels with tons of different product sets, maybe they’d be interested in another product group that they don’t even know about. Keep these people engaged with relevant content, offers, signups, deals, and other information specific to your brand that can really drive loyalty.

For example, maybe one of your subscribers came from a webinar you put on a year ago. Don’t let them slip through the cracks, but get creative by re-engaging them with another of your funnels for a relevant product or service to the webinar you put on that they.


Continually engaging your current customers or subscribers is a way to capitalize on people you know who are extremely targeted for your offers and messages. Drive that loyalty factor for more purchases, cross-sells, upsells, and similar revenue-driving activities.

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Lead Nurturing

It’s fitting that we save the best revenue-creating targeting method for last: lead nurturing.

Facebook allows you to retarget just about anyone with just about anything, so it’s a great place to stay in front of your leads, working them towards the purchase end of your funnel. The whole point of generating leads is to get them in your funnel, engaging with your brand, and eventually becoming qualified enough to make a purchase with you.

Ensure every step of your lead nurturing process is present on Facebook. You may have a longer sales process where an email signup or lead-magnet conversion is a long way from making a purchase. Continue to engage these leads each step of your lead nurturing process within Facebook.

Consider creating extra steps specifically with Facebook campaign. You can easily try this by creating a tripwire offer from a larger piece of one of your products.

For example, present users with a downloadable PDF or eBook relevant to what they originally converted for at a smaller price than your full products.
An interesting way we’ve seen this executed successfully is by asking leads to pull out their credit card for something useful in return. If you have or can create something useful to mail to prospective customers, see if they’re willing to pay the $2.99 shipping for it.

facebook ad offer

An example of a Facebook Ad offer. Source: Wordstream

This monetizes an offering for you and allows you to see who is closer to the purchase end of the funnel and willing to pull out their credit card and make a purchase, even though it’s very small. Then, retarget these people with your full products relevant to that sample you mailed them. You can run special offers to these people and drive some revenue.

The more you can stay in front of your leads with relevant content and offers, the better off you are. Be sure to run a full email campaign alongside your Facebook campaigns to maximize ROI. The leads may see an email come through that seems interesting, but decide they’ll look into it later. Then if you target them scrolling through their Facebook feed later, you have a better shot at converting them.

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Advertising on Facebook is a great way to engage some creatively targeted audiences. With so many options available in the platform, it’s easy to test different pieces of audiences and find some secret sauce that could be successful for you in driving great advertising ROI. Every brand and funnel is a little bit different so take some of these pieces and work them into your Facebook strategy to drive additional revenue!

If you’d like help with Facebook Ads, or any other PPC management services, our experts would be happy to discuss your unique business challenges and how digital advertising could fit into the equation.

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