What is a Backlink Audit? [VIDEO]

What is a Backlink Audit? [VIDEO]

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Mike Huber answers: “What is a Backlink Audit?”

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A lot of websites have been impacted with the recent Panda and Penguin updates. We’ve had a lot of people call us, and ask what are some of the things that they can be doing to look at the impact and see what next steps they can take to improve their traffic. What we’ve been doing a lot of are backlink audits. The question today is what is a backlink audit.

The backlink audit, what we do is we look at the number of backlinks that you have in your portfolio and we try to look at those in the aggregate. What we’ve discovered is there are a lot of websites that have really, really good websites that are pointing to them, and they have good page rank. They have really good page and domain authority. They are really good sites and they are passing great links to use. What we’ve also discovered within that portfolio is that there are sites that are questionable and there are some things that web masters really need to look at.

First of all you need to look at the websites that are pointing to you that don’t have cached pages any longer. These websites have been hit by the recent updates and they’re not passing any links to you at all. The good news on that is they don’t exist any longer so you don’t really need to do anything with those.

The next thing that you want to do is a visual inspection of some of the websites that have a lower number of cached pages. You want to look at
those for commercial viability. You want to look at those for regular posted content. You also want to try to determine if there’s any social proof or social signals that these websites are passing. Really what the essence of the backlink portfolio is to determine which websites are helping you and which websites are really pulling your traffic down.

As you’re doing that backlink portfolio, one of the things to look at is the exact match anchor tags that you have with those links that are pointing back to you. One of the recent updates is actually looking at the percentage of those websites that are pointing to you, and the exact match anchor text. If you’re over optimized there it may be pulling your traffic
down as well.

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