New Year’s Link-a-Lutions: Quality Link Building in 2012

New Year’s Link-a-Lutions: Quality Link Building in 2012

New Years Link-a-Lutions Quality Link Building in 2012

Behind every successful client campaign is a great link-building strategy. With that said, let me introduce myself.

My name is Amanda and I am new to Vertical Measures. In fact, this is my first blog post for VM! On my link building journey I have compiled a list of tips and strategies, mostly for myself that I wanted to share with Vertical Measures’ readers. Let 2012 bring us builder’s great link building, high rankings for competitive keywords, and a new year full of link love!


Keep up to date with “industry” content. For beginners and even seasoned link builders, it never hurts to read industry relevant material to keep up with what’s happened, what’s new, and what’s coming. Subscribe to newsletters, share articles and keep informed!


Use high authority article sites to link to you. Having well written articles on selected topics that is of focus should be in every link builder’s strategy book. Most of the top authoritative article submission sites rank well in niche categories and can drive traffic.

Google alerts:

Create an alert in Google for a keyword of interest. You can do this by tracking the keyword (in quotes), within Google Alerts. Set these as “Feed” and pull them into a folder named for the keyword you are targeting. By doing so, Google will pull content featuring the keyword and you may then reach out to the author or webmaster. Often times, the author and or webmaster will be willing to link if your keyword is relevant.


Don’t ignore directory submissions. Sift through the best, MOST relevant directory sites and hand select the sites that have traffic and good reputation, and submit your link in the relevant category.

Build Relationships:

Keep in contact with your blogger friends and other network members you have linked with in the past. If you feel comfortable, ask them if they have other sites of interest. Often times they do and more willing to place a link on their site for someone they trust. Maintaining a friendly relationship with webmasters has many benefits.


If you find an appropriate forum in your niche, join them. Generally, forums allow signature links. This can be a quick technique to build up inbound links to a website; it can also create targeted traffic if the website is relevant to the forum topic.

Guest blogging:

Offer free relevant content to blogs. Contact the website administrator of every site you’re interested in placing content on. Introduce yourself, and explain to them that you’d love to write a guest blog post for their site in return for an inbound link. Be direct with them, most blog authors are interested in receiving more content for free, and in exchange, they are happy to link back to you.

Free Social Communities:

I have a new found respect for Twitter. Twitter is one of the best places to network and connect with other users, especially key players, in your niche. However, I find Twitter to be most helpful when searching for relevant content. Twitter is great site for promotion, but I use Twitter as a link building strategy. You can to by entering a keyword into the search command. Twitter will bring up all tweets that mention the keyword. Now you have a bunch of promotional links sending you to articles with that particular keyword!

Backlink Analysis:

The reasoning of this analysis is if someone links to a competitor they ‘might’ link to you. This approach works in most cases. It is the first step of every link building campaign I have ever worked on. Before Twitter, before Google search engine, I analyze backlinks for quick resources.

Unlinked Keywords:

There are a number of people who have mentioned a product, or brand on the internet without actually linking to it. You can find them easily using Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, Facebook (you catch my drift) and it’s not a tough sell to ask for a link. The fact is, the author is promoting it for a reason, contact the author and suggest a landing page.

If you have any helpful suggestions for quality link building that I have missed, feel free to leave your tips below. Happy New Year!


Amanda Fornator

Amanda Fornator is an Internet Marketing Specialist for Vertical Measures. She specializes in link building in which she researches the internet for pertinent sites to acquire a link from. Amanda contacts webmasters, and submits to online directories.