Live Blogging: SES San Jose 2009

Live Blogging: SES San Jose 2009

Patty Adams, Director of Sales and Marketing here at Vertical Measures, is attending the SES San Jose 2009 Conference and has agreed to live blog for the event. The SES Advisory Board and have been organizing this annual event for the past 11 years. The conference, with over 70 sessions, will focus on PPC management, link building, duplicate content, video optimization, and more! 

Patty’s live blogging posts will be available on, and at the end of each day we will summarize her efforts here on our Link Building Best Practices Blog.  

Day 1 of SES San Jose 2009: 

First up, Patty attended "How to Optimize for Search and Engage the Community" with speaker Greg Jarboe, President & Co-Founder of SEO-PR.  Jarboe asks the question, is there a link between search and social? He provides examples that yes, there is indeed a link between the two. At first, social media was thought to provide a new source for links and for many of us in SEO it did work, but only for a short time. Soon, industry professionals found out there is another component to social media; it’s about more than just technology.
Jarboe gives several examples where videos and press releases helped to increase site traffic, and led to massive popularity for news and videos because they were picked up by opinion leaders and others that essentially, on their own, asked others to read and view the information. He explains the importance of applying this concept to SEO. Optimize videos and press releases, and make it worthwhile.
Patty also attended "The View from the CMO’s Office" and "Turning the Social Web Into Real ROI". Exploring marketer’s best practices to leverage social web and to manage campaigns was the focus of "Turning the Social Web Into Real ROI". This panel discussed their first-hand experience with the audience. "The View from the CMO’s Office" explored what marketers should be prepared to present to get the point across that search is a missed opportunity. The panelists suggest doing your research, pay attention to what the CMO is saying, talk about positive change, and outline constructive solutions.
For more information about Patty’s live blogging efforts point your mouse over to, check back here to view our summaries at the end of each day, or see what the attendees are chatting about on Twitter (#SES). The event runs through Thursday August 13th.
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