Link Building Short Cuts

Link Building Short Cuts

Don’t Take Them! 

In business as in life, you’re only as good as your reputation. That’s why it’s vitally important when you’re building links to your website that you don’t take any shortcuts that could damage your business’s reputation or affect your rankings with the search engines. What’s just as important as getting links for your site is that those links appear relevant to anyone visiting the site.

Creating organic links are important for many reasons. One of which is so spiders or bots sent out by the big search engines like Google and Yahoo will crawl your website and index your site for key terms/phrases. These bots use links to travel from one website to another.  It is also important to have links back to your website from sites that are constantly updated with new content. Sites such as have content from professional bloggers updated daily and the site itself has many links pointing to it. Linking on this website or others similar to it, back to your own website can potentially increase your rankings and crawling frequency.

The process of link building is so important, consequently there can be an enormous temptation to take some short cuts to try and leapfrog up the search engine rankings. It’s possible to do this, but it can backfire on you. The link building process is not just about quantity any more, it’s about links from as many high-quality, relevant sites as you can. Linking from sites with high page rank, or with relevant content are seen as good links and certainly given more importance than spammed links. Not long ago you could artificially build spammed links to your site for the purpose of SEO – but that rarely works today.

For instance, you are able to build links quickly, with spamming programs. Or, for a price, some companies will build hundreds or thousands of links back to your site. Instead of moving up in the Google and Yahoo rankings, your site could get penalized, or even de-indexed altogether.  The major search engines have become very good at spotting spammed or worthless website links.

When it comes to building links, steady & honest wins the race. The main things to remember in link building are to be ethical, create a good reason (content) for others to link to you, and try to build links for traffic. If you are looking for a quick way to build links don’t get wrapped up in the hype that some spamming companies promote. Remember, if it seems to good to be true it is!

Know any short cuts that actually work?