Link Building Case Study: Leveraging Engaging Content

Link Building Case Study: Leveraging Engaging Content


Back in November here on the Vertical Measures blog we published a content piece we’d been working on for quite some time, “The Authority Building Machine Infographic”. Producing one great piece of content each quarter is something every business should strive to do, whether it’s a video, case study, webinar or even an infographic.

A good piece of content can help you build the authority of your site (as we showcase in our Infographic) and additionally can bring targeted niche traffic to your site and paying customers to your virtual door. Don’t believe me? Check out the results of our recent infographic and see for yourself. (We can’t give you this kind of detail for the work we do for clients, but happy to share our results.)

Social Metrics

Engaging with customers through the use of social media is one surefire way to build a community of engaged prospects and also a fab way to get some social links too. Our team tweeted, +1’d, Facebook’d, bookmarked and commented to help promote our content piece from both branded and personal accounts.

After all was said and done we received almost 200 RTs on the original post, 24 Google +1s, almost 4,000 Stumbles (1500 from paid campaign), 17 Facebook Likes, 52 Facebook shares and Topsy shows over 250 posts via social channels. Guest blog posts and others who embedded our infographic showed social media success too:

Takeaway? It’s important to cater your social promotion to the content piece and to your industry. In addition it pays to do some pre-promotion and planning. We knew that our infographic was complex, most are. We took separate key concepts from the infographic and wrote very “evergreen” guest blog posts about those concepts: 4 Ways to Use Linked In to Promote Your Website, Using Social Media to Build Site Authority, 5 Content Pieces to Build Site Authority, How Infographics Can Help You Build Site Authority, and Six Ways You Can Use Google + to Build Authority.

With great content like this you can get your Infographic embedded on a niche site and keep the momentum up around the theme of your Infographic. Sure, our Infographic is pretty niche and our industry isn’t like others – but imagine the possibilities with a strategy like this. An online health site could develop an infographic giving facts about a rise in childhood obesity. Then they could develop 5-10 different guest blog posts around that topic: what the leading causes are, recent treatment options, a personal account from a parent, an interview with a doctor who specializes in childhood obesity, etc… A few tips: prepare your posts prior to your Infographic going live, reach out to bloggers ahead of time and get on editorial calendars. It may take 30-60 days to get added to an editorial calendar so be sure to keep this in mind – especially true for large publications.

Traffic Metrics

By no means was our latest infographic the most trafficked post we’ve ever had but wowsers did we see some traffic jumps. Since November our blog post has received over 5,000 unique views and time spent on page is over 5 minutes – and that’s just people who actually went to our original post.  By marketing our Infographic with guest blog posts and doing some social promotion we got the most out of our Infographic and expect to see continued traffic driven to our site for months and even years to come.

Link Metrics

As a company who started off primarily in the link building world, we know just how valuable a great link to your website can be – priceless. Our infographic drew in a whopping 1400+ links from over 50 linking root domains with an average domain authority of 52. Sure, our awesome team can take credit for building some of the links (our guest posts & social links). But the rest of the links were about as natural as it gets – embeds or blog posts linking back to our site and infographic. We expected to get quite a few links, heck we’re a link building company aren’t we? But over 1400 surpassed even our expectations.

Investment vs. Return

In reviewing the success of any content leveraging activities you have to think about how the investment stacks up to the return. Our team put in an estimated 50+ hours worth of work developing the graphics, writing blog posts, doing social promotion, brainstorming and strategizing over the course of a three month period.  It’s quite an investment, one with a price tag of several thousand dollars. But when looking at the return of over 50 unique liking root domains with average DA 50+ you’re looking to spend almost $15,000 to acquire these links at current industry rates. Not to mention the traffic that was driven to our site; 5,000 targeted visitors at our industry rates would be several thousand dollars as well.

In the end we’re very happy with the results. Have you seen similar results by leveraging engaging content in the past?

Kaila Strong

As Senior Director of SEO Services, Kaila oversees both the SEO department and our Internet Marketing Strategists. She works with our expert team to uncover SEO strategies, develop link building campaigns, conduct competitive analysis, review Google penalties, execute backlink analysis and train peers on SEO fundamentals. +Kaila Strong