Arnie Kuenn’s SEO Training SW Teleseminar

Arnie Kuenn’s SEO Training SW Teleseminar

Last week, our friends at SEO Training SW hosted a Free SEO Training teleseminar with our fearless leader Arnie Kuenn entitled “Where Can You find Juicy Links?” In the teleseminar, which was attended by over 100 registrants Arnie explained how he finds the best links for his company and the Vertical Measures client base. He also described how he commonly sorts his links into two main categories. He calls the first category manufactured links which includes the links that you build yourself, both onsite and offsite. The other main category he calls editorial links which is the area where a lot more time is invested, as these tend to take much more time to obtain. He also gave a number of fantastic examples of creative ways to build both of these types of links!

Take a listen for yourself!


 If you are interested in seeing bit more of the buzz surrounding this teleseminar, check out this wrap up

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